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Anyone ride today?? (Sun 21 Aug)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Did anyone go out for a ride today?

    I did. Windy.

    Went from Home to Neerim Sth to meet the MRA ghost riders. I couldnt see them.

    Anyway I then went Jindivick-Longwarry-Drouin-Athlone-Poowong-Korumburra-Leongatha-Mardan-Mirboo Nth-Boolarra-Churchill-Hazelwood Nth-Traralgon.

    Those of you that know the roads will understand the wind probs.

    It ws a bit dicy when I turned corners into the wind. The wind tried to stand my bike up. Not exactly what I wanted. Turning the other way was great, the wind actually helped. The straights were a bit wobbly.
    In the woody areas I had to play tiggy with the trees, they kept throwing things at me. Dodged them all.

    I saw a small group at K'burra. There were two green bikes with them. Does anyone know who they were?

    What did you all do today?
  2. I spent most of the day replacing my diode board with a 'thunderchild" alternative. had to repair/replace te rubber mounting posts and make up a new sub-harness. Finally cured the glowing 'charge' light.
  3. I spent the morning doing weights and watching a movie, in the afternoon helped my son do his homework. Didn't get the chance to go riding..:cry:
  4. Did the longest ride yet on my little VTR250. Sydney city - Penrith - Richmond - Bells Line of Road to Mt Victoria - Leura(stop to see the folks) - Freeway to Parramatta then that appalling excuse for a road Parramatta Road to Sydney City.

    Will be interesting to see what comes of me going through the E-toll lane without an E-tag. I have assigned my motorbike rego to my car E-tag account so we'll see how they handle it.

    One thing I learnt on this ride. Jeans don't cut it when it is below 15 degrees degress and you are doing 80 for about 30 minutes. F%^&ing cold on a naked bike. Of course, with the impending purchase of a CBR600F4i this week, this may be a problem no longer.
  5. Just a quick fang down Royal National Park way, had to go in to work.

    Fairly uneventful, except for some cager who thought he could keep up with me.

    I tend not to speed on the straights, sticking to the speed limit. This bloke would gun it then. We'd get to the twisties, I'd lose him, away it went again.

    I pulled over to let him go, waited 5 minutes. He must have done the same up ahead, as I went past him, and he did it again.

    Lost interest in me though when another bike went zooming past at about 160-180klicks.

    (And nope he wasn't a cop. The idiot had his 8-9 year old daughter in the passenger seat)

  6. Ditto.

    Melb CBD to Kinglake and back via Kangaroo Ground and St Andrews.
    It was the most fun I have had so far on my bike! :D
  7. did the only thing worth doing on a cold and windy Mudbourne day.. ...
    Counter lunch..
    log fire, thick steak, and cold Becks beers... hmmmmmmmmm beer..
  8. Yeah Nobby, a good alternative.

    By the way, you being from that great metropolis Narre Warren, did you hear who it was who went for a swim in the Cardinia on Sunday, bike and all?
  9. I didn't ride yesterday, but did 236 kays today, up to Sydney for two job interviews and a visit to another possible employer, then home. It was windy, but warm, in fact in the middle of the day, despite a quick shower I was wishing I'd worn my leather jacket and not my MotoDry.
    THEN RC and his son-in-law turned up after tea and we did our usual Kiama-Jamberoo-Albion Park-Home loop, by then it WAS cold!!!
    hey geg, you should invest in a pair of Draggin jeans anyway, not just for cold but for protection. The CBR night well keep you a little warmer, but jeans are next to useless in all but the lowest speed "offs".
  10. read about it, but don't know who it was.....love to find out how they did it....
  11. well???? C'mon, you can't just leave it hanging like that, tell us the rest, dammit!
  12. Well done hornet600, you finally managed to wipe everybody off the active topics list.