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Anyone ride the M5 (air + longevity)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lilster, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. So the last few weeks I've been riding the M5 eastbound to uni, about twice a week.

    The first time I rode it, it truly felt disgusting. Traffic was plodding along at 50, the heat is a little uncomfortable, but more importantly every time I do I feel that my decision to be a non-smoker has been undone.


    I've seen riders in there, is it actually safe? I'm thinking not, not at all.

  2. Having been in there when it's slowed to a crawl and seen my headlight beams arcing through the smog, I'd say it's not safe at all. It's a design ****up that we're probably stuck with unless a govt wanted to fund some serious excavation to ventilate the tunnel, and probably have to close it during the renovations.
  3. Gota love the forward thinking in this state, "I know what! let's make a tunnel and freeway that a large portion of Sydney use and let's just make it 2 lanes wide!! by jove! you are a genius!" Id avoid the tunnel if possible, dog knows what toxic gasses one is being exposed to in there.
  4. I rode through once - won't do it again. Ever.
  5. IIRC the design called for 3 exhaust stacks, but the locals and a green "action group" forced the government to reduce it to the one that exists.
    And no, I wouldn't ride it either.
  6. Yep that's my memory.

    I used to ride it quite regularly. Used to ride an air cooled gsxr1100 through it. Of an afternoon it used to get really unpleasant.

    Even though it was tightish I used to filter to get out as quick as possible.
  7. You've watched ghost rider, you know what to do.
  8. Ride it in peak hour every single day eastbound of a morning, then back of an arvo. Splitting is the only option, and even then it's a disgusting place to be.
  9. Even in the car, windows go up, and air con set to recirculate.

    50kmh is pretty good actually. 20-30kmh concertina driving is the most irritating in that tunnel.
  10. take the back roads, you'd be surprised how quicker it is even with traffic lights. worked for me when riding epping/pennant hills/windsor/abbot rd instead of taking M2
  11. That's what I did in the end with the M5 tunnel. There's a way over the top that's not a bad ride, but it's probably only worth it if the tunnel is at an absolute crawl. If it's doing 20+ then it's probably best to stick with the tunnel. It tends to flow east bound once you get in the tunnel. It's west bound of an afternoon that is a biatch.
  12. Oh yeah.. stay out of that toxic piece of shit... let the truck drivers slowly die in there smoking rigs(these are the main culprits)
  13. I wish that they put a message up at the last exit when the traffic was slow so that you knew to exit. Its fine if its going at 80.

    Maybe I should whinge at the RTA instead of here.
  14. It comes down to what your priority is. What route do you take?
  15. Why would they? They don't tell you that they're closing the M5 for maintenance but still take your toll and kick you off at the next exit!
  16. I was hoping that you could argue that they should be telling people for health reason, being inconvenienced by roadwork is different. So they may have a duty of care when smog is too high.

    Also the toll section is owned privately isn't it. The tunnel part of the M5 is government owned.
  17. I know exactly how you feel! I tried it citybound once and made it to the Princes Hwy exit...

    I will never use it again.
  18. no matter what it smells like, it's next to heaven on a cold rainy day. 30 degrees of pure dry exhaust, yes please.
  19. I think the noxious fumes are getting to you Lilley.