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Anyone ride Mid week NSW - Wed's Thursdays

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by papermate, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Hey all. I been browsing this forum for a while, not posted much other than in the mechanical section.

    I own a kawasaki ZX2R and only been riding for a few months. got the hangs of turns and things.

    I go for rides down or up the coast on the mid week weds/thurs as they are my days off.

    wondering if there are many others in this situation as most NSW event rides seem to be weekends.

    nor sure if this threads appropiate or in the right forum.

    girls welcome to pm me. haha...just kidding. (well not really, but dont want to seem like a wierdo......)

    post up a day and time & place to meet destination also may help. then you will have yourself a ride.

    you can also post in the calendar https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add

    the calendar gets more notice to potential participants, aslong as you do it enough in advance (5 days)

    edit the title of your post when you have decided on a meeting point day & time.

  2. I ride almost exclusively during the week.
    Last one (on my lonesome) was Hornsby to Broke (turning right short of Scone) via Galston Gorge and Windsor then up the the Putty Rd for the first time and back via Wollombi in time for lunch. 350 km.
    I'm still 20mm or so short of the outside of my tyres and won't be rushing to get there anytime soon. I also am only a dry rider so feel free to contact me for a ride.
  3. south coast here, i ride any day, any time, any weather :cool:
  4. Yeah, I'm a midweek rider myself also, when I get the time, Pop me a few PM's and I'll see what happens. Haven't ridden with other peeps yet. I'm basically in the same experience and such as yourself.

    Hock me a few PM's and we'll see what happens there.
  5. I get weeks days off and jaqhama also has weekdays off , we can meet up do a ride have some lunch .
    Love weekdays ride ,last time i did the RNP on a weekday ,i was lucky to see 2 bikes and 5 cars in 10 minutes.
    Send me a PM or just put up a ride in the sydney section im normaly at home doing nothing as everyones working.
    Thats if you wipper snappers can keep up with me ,on a cruiser .
    Where are you located ,north ,south ......?
  6. Well it depends who you ask. Most people would think that you should be able to discuss NSW rides in a "NSW Ride and Event" Forum, but the powers that be want these to be in General Discussion and then confirm a date (even though you are only asking if anyone else wants to ride mid-week). Then go the Calendar and add a new Event, and someone has to transfer it here. Then it appears here in the "right" forum - so are you confused yet, casue I am.......

    Anyway, I'm a mid weeker and try and do at least one a fortnight, went to Wollombi yesterday with the wet weather gear getting a good workout and funnily enough we were the only bikes there.

    So Weds and Thurs are your only days off??

  7. Funny, Sled, you weren't this arrogant when you had a normal bike???

    {just kidding!!! :LOL:}
  8. I'm closer to the southern end myself.

    I pretty much have Mornings off almost every day. Though I'd have to head off to work or uni a bit before lunch.

    I guess I haven't been on any real good rides or anything yet, so if you've any suggestions that's always good.
  9. Yeah.... i had to throw a smart ass comment in , :LOL: i thought they would think im not riding with a old guy on a cruiser. :wink:

    Might put a set of clip ons ,on it . :p
  10. Dont be mislead, he's almost old.

    Sleddog or myself will probably post a weekday ride up soon.
    I'm off mid week in about two weeks time.

    Welcome to Netrider by the way.
  11. I do the RNP during the week when I'm not working (which is quite often), it just means there are no cars on the road.

  12. hahah...i used to regularly use a club/dance forum that had moderater and more or less the same guidlines. although i admit ive been lurking for a while, i been lazy and didnt read the guidlines etc.....although assumed it would be moved.

    anywho.... I live in the City CBD, so its at least 30 minutes or so till i hit the country type roads out of grid lock. which ever way doesnt bother me. Im at work at the moment, so ill PM some people or post generally here as to what my plans are.

    Buero of Metroology (or how ever you spell it) indicates thusrday next week to be BRIGHT and sunny, so i think thats the date.
  13. Yeah, I've been looking at the weather then too.

    Should be a nice day for a ride. I'll have to start work around 2:30 though, so early morning is the go for me. Long as you put something good together, I'll be there.

    Be good to meet a few of you all.
  14. Firstly guys, Dante's post is only following the Netrider "Forum Guidelines" - we have both offered to Moderate the NSW Events Forum so that we can have our own area to post what we want (and delete what's not relevant anymore) but no go - oh well maybe one day.

    I'm looking at going to Wisemans via Old Road, Peats Ridge late this week. I need to go to some wreckers at Windsor, Penrith and St Marys looking for a front mudguard - I obviously don't expect you guys to come along to the wreckers but a ride to Wisemans, quick snack then up to Windsor and then head home from there which ever way you want. Windsor Rd leads into the M2 and M7 or there is the Berowra Ferry way home from there as well.

    Post up if anyone else is interested as well as your preferred day. If Thursday is the preferred day I'm pretty sure I can do it but would prefer Friday and will confirm tomorrow.

    I'd be looking to leave Berowra Mobil about 9.45am and around 140kms to Windsor and next petrol if required.

    I'd be hoping to leave Windsor by 12.30 or so. Night_Stalker should easily get back by to town by 2.00pm

    Post your interest and I'll confirm tomorrow

  15. My shifts more often than not land me in the middle of the week with three days off. This usually finds me blatting west over the mountains or north past Richmond/Windsor to Wisemans.

    Anytime someone wants to organise a mid-week ride you can count me in!

    Toe I its OK I can meet up with you here in Penrith and go on from there...
  16. Well guys

    I'd love to come, give me a few more days to check a few things on the bike. The bike is still fairly new to me so it's still being shaken down to see what falls off (so to speak) Would be great to come and I should be able to, just need to make sure everything will be ready.

    I'll post back here with a yay or nay, but Thursday would be a much better day for me.

    Oh and I'm also a learner rider, so is this ride suitable for learners.
  17. Hey if ya dont mind me tagging along a mid week ride would be sweet. Im much the same as you guys and have spare time in the middle so quiet roads sound great. Hey toe Im in the norther beaches as well. gotta be at work by 1.00 so I may have to cut the ride a bit short will have ta see. Paul
  18. wednesday or thursday this in the next couple of weeks would be great, I have no idea about roads round sydney so need a group to follow. Am a bit slow through the twisties as my back tyre is square as a brick at the moment, and I'm really just not that good. But I should be able to keep up.

    Only day I can't do is wednesday this week
  19. I'll post to the Calendar my original ride - this should then appear in NSW Events Forum and can you please confirm in there for this Thursday 10th August.

    If we have a learner or two no worries - max speed 80kmh now isn't it?? So Old Road will be much better alternatve than Freeway. I'd estimate our travel time will be a bit slower though but will wait for everyone till Windsor.
  20. Cool Paul

    I'll be leaving Harbord about 8.45am, let me know if you wanna meet up somewhere - I also enjoy going up Morgan Rd

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