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anyone ride in 'redback' boots?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by paynebrody, May 9, 2009.

  1. im considering buying a pair of riding boots but im not sure i can justify the expense. im currently using my 'redback' (aus made, leather, lace-up, ankle high) work boots and when compared to most low end riding boots they seem on par if not superior. that is they seem to have thicker leather, better soles, fewer seams, decent ankle support etc. anyone got any experience/thoughts?
    also iv been looking at those diadora touring boots on ebay. has anyone used these?

  2. I started out wearing hiking boots. Stopped because it was hard to slide my foot over the pegs (the bigger lugs stick), I found them a bit slippery in the wet (let my foot slip sideways a few times) and not a lot of feel. Got agvsport touring boots after that (seem them around the sales for under $100). wear sidi now.
  3. I used the red back firey boots as my first riding boots, but then changed to Taipans as the interior of the redbacks deteriorated pretty badly. I wasn't happy with the taipans due to the big laces and was worried if they came loose and went into the chain so last year bought some Alpinestars. I got the Alpinestars as they were the first boot that I found that was a size 50. Bloody hard finding big boots. :?
  4. +1 for the AGVSport Boots.

    I bought a pair for $100, they are not comforatable enough to spend the day walking around in. But they definitely provide a good level of protection. I got mine for $100.

  5. I once found a redback IN my boots; does that count?? :LOL:

    If it costs nearly as much to buy boots that are not as suited to riding in as proper riding boots, just buy proper riding boots.
  6. I wear redback boots and have a pair of riding boots.

    The redbacks have absolutely zero ankle support. Grab the top padded lip with one hand and grab the base with the other. Now swing the sole side to side, there is no resistance at all in the redbacks, do the same foreward and back and theres some slight resistance but very little.

    When they say ankle support in riding boots they mean that movement restricted. Sports boots have more ankle support than a touring boot.

    Should you buy boots or not? That's not upto me. But the redbacks have no real ankle support at all.

    I do ride in mine when commuting to work, but that's a risk i choose to take.
  7. Probably for the same reason I used my red backs. I didn't buy them but got them through work. So last year finally forked out for touring boots.
  8. I ride in Jackaroo work boots not bad at all
  9. took me a while to get used 2 the steel caps...but...just like learning to ride a bike :)