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Anyone ride blackspur today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CustomKris, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. How good was the weather this morning and early afternoon! Good to see the Bureau got it totally wrong again. I went for a blast through the spur and up to marysville around lunchtime and dead set would of seen in excess of a hundred bikes! there were a few big groups gettin around aswell. So did anyone else get up there today? the conditions were magneficent and not a huge amount of traffic.


  2. I was actualy thinking of heading up there this morning, but didnt have anyone to go with :(, so l slept in and went to the footy at 1.00 instead.

    But mind you the whole time l was thinking how good it would have been up there today
  3. Nah, went to King Lake, and beyond, with a few of the lads!
  4. Nope.. Was over at Cape Paterson, via Lang Lang, Poowong, Korumburra, Wonthaggi.. There's some great roads out there :grin: :grin:

    And took the LONG way home. Was having way to much fun to come home the same way so from Korumburra went up to Neerim Sth, over to Yarra Junction then back home threw Gembrook and Emerald..

    Had a great time :LOL: :LOL: ..
  5. Yes i was up there on a group ride

    (my big Bro was with us this time :grin: )

    Exellent group of People

    Exellent Lunch(roast)
    and sticky date pudd with ice cream after for a sugar hit
    at the Buxton Pub

    brilliant ride back to healesville
    then over to woori
    then across a few back roads to play on
    then to the paradise hotel in Clematis
    then a nice sedate ride down wellington road
    whilst everyone else went via Belgrave

    Bj and i beat them back to Vassas on FTGully rd
    without even trying :grin:

    i am so Coca cola'd out
    need more coffee to compensate :shock: