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Anyone ridden from Melbourne to Perth?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has bother to cross the nullabor and has then come back. If so, what was it like?

    Reason I'm asking is that I'm picking up a Blackbird soon (Saturday I hope) and it seems like the perfect bike for the task. So if it isn't likely to be a seriously horrible experience, I might have to cross the desert next year some time. Oh and come back again. Something to tell the grandkiddies (though I'm wondering if children would be possible after sitting on a bike for 4 days :shock: ).

    Oh and I'm from Perth originally, so I'd be doing it to visit the friends and family.

    I recon it would be a real experience. Though the 1,200km straight might be a bit boring.

  2. Jeez, mate, fly and give the poor Birdie a rest from that torture; it's built for corners and stuff :shock:
  3. Ok. Endless dead boring straight roads with nothing to see but scrub. Hideously expensive fuel and food, kangaroos, emus, and feral camels. Do not under any circumstances consider riding at night, those camels are big bastards, and have killed more than one driver, let alone rider. Oh and did I mention the endless dead boring straight roads? I have done it by road, (4 wheels), road (2 wheels), by air (airline), by air (own aircraft), and by train, and mate, the only way anybody with a brain cell should do it is in a comfy seat, with a stewy regularly bringing you a gin and tonic. Hey wait a minute, mmm, what does that say about me then?....... :oops:
  4. I dunno, these old farts seem to have lost their sense of adventure. I say do it, and do it WRONG, the more trouble you get into the better. :grin:
  5. I havn't done the ride to Perth yet but desert is cool, it aint for every one.

    I wouldn't count on kids being to keen on it for to long but it depends on the kid too.

    Every ones tight-ass on the water big time. it's unbeggable. Gotta buy it.

    As stated, don't count on places being open for fuel or water.

    It's good to open the bikes up there but extra care early mornings and evenings as fluffy animals are most active around then. They're all bad but gigger the bike, bigger fluffy animal you can take on. I knew of a BMW K100 getting past a wallaby.(wombats=disaster always)

    Night rideing is just damn dangerous even with extra lights, plan ahead so you don't have to and have a great ride.
  6. My friends did it... ruins tyres... in and around towns cops checking for speed...
  7. I remember reading a Two Wheels article about a bloke doing the trip on a postie - your new purchase is DEFINETELY a few points up the scale when compared!

    Oh in answer to your question, no I haven't done the crossing and am more content to hear other regale stories of it than do it myself.
  8. I certainly know to avoid dusk and early morning, since the roo's (and other animals) come out. Besides I suspect there would be more than enough daylight hours to ride.

    When I was 13 the family did a trip from Perth to the East coast. It was something of an experience. I do remember the bloody expensive fuel and showers that took coins.

    Well checking whereis.com it will only take 1 day 12 hours and 57 minutes to make it from my house to my dad's :eek: That's not so bad........

    I think the main problem is going to be keeping the Ipod charged up :grin:
  9. That seems a tad quick for the real world, 2.5 to 3 days is considered normal for that trip. Maybe you could do it 1 day 13 hours if you never stopped, didn't sleep, and was way over the limit all the time. Speaking of the limit, just cos your in the middle of nowhere doesm't mean you won't get a ticket. The road is patrolled on the ground and from the air.
  10. I realise the figures from whereis.com is road-time. I'm sure the best you could do is probably about 12 hours a day, which means about 3 days total.

    I do remember when I was a kid that there were quite a few cops out there. I guess with just one road, it's pretty easy to cover.

    Actually I remember now that when I went across as a kid (in 1988) the highway was still not completely sealed :shock: That's pretty bad considering all the freeways from city to city over here in the east.
  11. here here!
  12. Solar iPod Charger, attach it to your gear sack :cool:



  13. It took me 4 days both ways. I could probably have done it in 3 if I really had to, but sitting on a road with effectivly zero corners will make your butt and your wrists stiffer and more painful than you expect.

    It's probably worth doing once (so you can say you've done it), but that's about the only reason to actually do it!

    Oh... and you can get booked on the nullabor... strange as that seems.
  14. My wife (GPZ550) and I (750GT) both rode to Perth (and back) on our honeymoon back in '83. The road was all sealed then.
    The long straight I didn't notice on the way over, but did on the way back.
    From Mildura it can be done in 3 days. 1000km to Ceduna, 1200km to Norseman, 800km to Perth.
    But do it, because you want to!
  15. They finished sealing the Eyre Highway in 1976.
    You must have your memories crossed with something else? A side trip to somewhere perhaps?
  16. Well bugeater that is an epic effort, all the best. :)
  17. Nope they were definitely sealing a section at the end of '88. I'm guessing now they were probably just resurfacing a large section of it.

    It caused a few problems because one of the rare (couple of times a decade) intense rainstorms went across just before we got there and there was a lot of mud.

    The other strange thing that happened was a tour bus crossing it just started smoldering and burnt to the ground. Everyone got off fine. We saw the wreckage and it was on the news as well.
  18. Ah that could have been it.
    They started sealing it after the second world war. So it took them 30 years on-and-off to do it. I'm sure they must have been resurfacing some of it in '88 when you went through.
  19. The run is about 3500km, and most of it dead straight. There are two ways you can viably do it on the VIC side, after that, its the Eyre Highway, before a choice on the WA side.

    VIC - go up via Halls Gap I think its called (head for Bendigo and miss) and then bypass Adelaide entirely. The other is to run the Princes Highway (or GOR) along the coast and go through Adelaide itself.

    WA - At Norseman you can veer slightly northerly and come in via Kalgoorlie, or head to Esperance and come around the coast.

    I'd say the potential for the trip would be as follows:

    - Minimum 300km/tank fuel range at whatever speeds you're planning on doing.
    - Ability to carry approx. 10lt of water and 10lt spare fuel along with your gear
    - Bike gear able to withstand dramatic temperature shifts
    - Keep your head about you, you will need regular drinks as you will dehydrate out there VERY quickly. Work on around 3-4lt water PER DAY (I'm not kidding). Camelbak or equivalent a godsend.
    - Carry a can of chain lube with you if you have a chain-driven bike. Use it every 500km or so on the Eyre - there is a lot of dust out there and it gets EVERYWHERE.
    - Plan to stop at every service station. You may not need to, but they're often 150km apart, and as has been mentioned earlier, they close by 5pm. Better safe than sorry.

    Thats about all I can think of at the moment.