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Anyone ridden a new Yammie FZ6x

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Scottatron, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. As per the title, has anyone ridden one of these? Very similar (basically identical) in performance to the GSR600

    I reckon they look super cool, and return good economy (5.5l/100km)

    Do they have a usable midrange as they claim to? Are they still quick when you give it a bit of schtick?

  2. I was really keen on getting one of these about a year ago and took one for a test ride (fz6n). I hadn't heard much about them back then, but there's been a few mag tests since (new 'rapid' has a fz6 vs gsr comparo).

    I was dissapointed with the engine for what I wanted it for. It's been tuned for more midrange as always with these bikes, but still has a big whack up top, probably too much for this sort of bike IMO, and didn't have much pull in the lower part of the rev range. The bike wouldn't have been far off an R6 in straight line speed (if at all), which I thought was a bit strange considering what they could have done with the engine (more power where most people will be using it). The GSR has much better midrange.

    The bike would probably do everything pretty well, but felt a little 'soulless' and too sterile for my liking. They are a hugely popular model in Europe, but haevn't sold so well here, where we tend to choose bikes more on their form than function.

    I didn't feel comfortable on the bike, but this is personal taste, so go try it out yourself. They're a good price, but I wasn't so keen on the basic suspension, I guess it depends how much you want out of the bike, and what you're prepared to pay for it.

    The GSR seems a better bike from what I've read, but is pretty ugly (especially front on), and looks a bit 'plasticky'.
  3. If you after a bike with a strong bottom-midrange you should have a look at the SV. Its pretty much the same weight as a 600 sportsbike 165kg (dry) and makes it power very low down compared to the GSR and FZ..

    Only problem if you put looks before performance then the SV isnt gonna be the bike for you..