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Anyone ridden a Laro?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doggyguinness, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Pulled up to the lights today in middle lane, truck in front, cars to right and one bike in left lane at front of lights. Beauty I'll slip in behind the bike and take off with him. Lights turn green and this bike gets taken at the lights by the truck. Seriously wtf. So I pull in behind the truck and overtake the bike...a friggin Laro. Are they really that gutless? ](*,)

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  2. What are you on ?-dont throw stones mate.
  3. Probably rides a hunter.
  4. he probably doesnt because he lives in Wollongong and that means he needs to drive on highways a fair bit.

    Laros are terrible, i have never ridden one, but i can tell from the pictures and sitting on one once, very low quality motorcycle.
  5. I saw a Laro blow off a group of blades :)
  6. sounds like they've invented the most accurate Harley replica ever.
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  7. I've heard they're quite slow, unreliable, have a rust problem and the metal has the consistancy of dried cheeze. Other than that they're fine.
  8. They might be good on pasta ;-) New model out next year, the Laro Parmesan.
  9. I am always at a loss as to exactly who buys these shitheaps.
  10. we are talking about Laro not Harley :)
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  11. Spewin, I thought this was a Bingle thread... as you were.
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  12. Laro Pro Street 350
    Dry Weight: 184 kg
    Wet Weight: Unspecified approximated at 10kg
    Gross Weight (laden 90 kg): 284 kg
    Power: 17 Kw
    Power to Weight Ratio: 60Kw/1000kg

    Mack Pinnacle Truck
    Weight: 7000kg
    Power: 380 Kw
    Power to Weight Ratio: 54Kw/1000kg

    It seems the Laro has just a little more power to weight than the Mack Pinnacle truck. A triumph for Laro. However adding a backpack with lunch and a drink bottle, will probably see the Mack on top.
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  13. One of the guys had one when I was doing my MOST

    His rear brake seized on, he had to bleed brake fluid to get going again.

    Also saw one getting put on the back of a ute broken haha
  14. ZXR 250. Throwing stones...was a legitimate question.

    ^^ that doesn't take into account the load in the back of the truck ;) Actually not sure if it was a 250 or 350, there were no L or P plates displayed so was just curious to the performance of Laros. Not that I'm interested in one. Lady on another forum has nothing but trouble with her Laro.
  15. Has anyone considered that it might have more to do with the quality of the rider than the quality of the bike.
  16. Michael is an ex-rider of Lara. Does that count? :D
  17. a lot of the chinese brands of bikes, are direct copies of 790's and 80s jap bikes. what was the LARO init s previous life? anyone know?
  18. Ozzie scrap metal.
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  19. Not defending the Laro Bingle, but since when is it necessary to use every ounce of power at every traffic light on every occasion? Think of all the babes you'd miss, not to mention the soccer mum in the Lexus running the red light.
    Ok f..k it I give in the Laro is a heap of shit.