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Anyone ridden a Honda CD250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by boingk, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Hey there everyone. I've been meaning to make my foray into the world of motorcycling since before I was of age to get a licence. Now I'm at university and have decided I am going to reclaim the 'one that got away' - for me, a Honda CD250. Long story, suffice to say I'd almost got it and then a Chrysler Valiant called my name...

    Anyway, I'd just like to get some peoples opinions on the CD250. Potential problems, and personal experiences would be great. Also...if you happen to be selling one, haha. I remember that it felt good under me at the time, and I just want to get some more varied opinions.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. They're a very nice looking bike. I think all motorcyclists know the feeling of being emotionally attached to an old bike. I'm looking for a 250, and I'll definetly consider a CD if I can find one.

    They're very slow. Can do anything, just no faster than your average small car. You may outgrow it quick.

    Easiest bike to ride for a learner. It'll get you confident quick (hence you may outgrow it).

    No potential problems known. Solid and reliable, with low maintenance. Cheap as, great student transport.
  3. I bought one for my other half a couple of years back, she's since upgraded to a GPX250.

    They are reliable, comfortable and cheap to run.

    Basically they are the same motor as the CM250 cruiser and the current CB250 but they have twin carbs not single like the CB250 so they have about 2 more horsepower.

    They will sit on 100 to 110 on the flat as long as you don't have a headwind but aren't really a highway bike. Good commuter though.
  4. first bike I ever rode was a cd250U.

    great as an around town hack, didn't have a problem with it, but I treated mine like a scooter - anything more than 60km/h was just hard work
  5. A buddy of mine has one. He upgraded from a posite and isn't interested in anything else, he loves it to bits.

    For my money the engine's got a decent bit of poke for a 250 and the handling suits pottering around the city or slow longer rides. Brakes and suspension are those of days gone by, but you don't buy one of these to ride the wheels off it anyway.
  6. My mate had one as his first bike when he got his learners... He is 6 foot 6ish, weighs about 250 pounds and is nicknamed Viking, it was quite comical!

    Shorter wheelbase than the CB so they are brilliant for doing license tests....
  7. Fantastic, looks like its not just me that has a favourable impression of them then! Thats all the encouragement I need, I'm going to see about getting one first chance I have. Reliability is always a good quality to have, good to see someone mentioned that. And 6 foot 6ish and 250 pounds? Haha, it would have looked comical indeed. I'm about 6 foot 1 or two, and 180 pounds so I should just get away with it!

    As for slowness, that can always be fixed eventually :cool:
    [*Dreams of Mikuni carbs, performance exhaust, profiled cams, and up-rated pistons*]
  8. Hey boingk,

    I'm torn between spending 1500-2000 for a CD or getting a little Spada for 3500.

    If you some work on the CD definately keep us up to date because I was thinking the same if I ever managed to track one down. I really like the look of them :) And with a bit of noise and extra performance would be a great little project bike.

    Keep in touch,

  9. Ps- There happens to be one for sale here in SA at the moment.

    Asking price is $2450, which is very high even though its apparantly excellent. What would be a good price to offer?
  10. CDs are very slow even by 250 motorcycle standards, but they are otherwise Hondas: look good, reliable, very easy to ride. But they make a GPX250 look like a GSX-R.
    It's just down to what's important to you.
  11. I would think that $1500 to $2000 is plenty to be paying for a good condition CD250.

    Any more than that and you might as well buy the later CB250 instead...
  12. I know of someone who has(or had) a CD250 and is up on the nsw north coast. He bought it for his missus, but she ended up going for a majesty scooter. I'll point him the way of this thread tonight when i get home from work.
  13. Excellent learner bike and unbreakable.
    The bike msim and zrx1200r are referring to was my first bike and is still a great bike well maintained and looked after.
    They are quicker than the CB250 because of the twin carbs.
    It can sit on 110 all day comfortably and with the right conditions can do 150 kmh.
    Best learner bike and very forgiving.
  14. Yeah, I heard from a guy I know in a vintage Japanese bike club that he can sit on 140 on his CD250 if he wants...I doubted him at the time but hey, seems like theres some cred in it! I'm guessing he looked after it as well.

    By the by...has anyone seen Hondas new learner-targeted 250? What the hell have they done? It looks like its trying to play catch-up [not very successfully I might add] with a Suzuki GS500! Not to mention it has all of a massive HALF kW [!!!] over the older CB250 it is replacing. Sporty my ass! I'd love to see the look on somones face when I get my CD250 and blow them off on their CBF250...oh well, gone are the days of old but we who endure may still live on and remember...

    EDIT: I'm making that last part a different thread!
  15. My cousin got a CD250 as his first bike.
    It was super old, been dropped several times [cosmetic damage evident].

    He picked it up for about $400 I think.
    It started every time and was super comfy. Loads of room on the seat, and comfortable cruising riding position.
    Never failed him.

    He voluteered to swap with me.

    No chance :)

    He sold it for $600 [profit!], if I recall correctly...