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Anyone ridden a CBR1000F?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Beza, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. I'm on the look out for a cheap sports tourer, for two-up riding long distances. I've come across a 1995 CBR1000F which fits the budget and from the reviews I've read they're big, somewhat boring but great for touring.

    Anyone here owned, toured on one before?
  2. I haven't, but it was a bit of a tub of lard at the time, and 20 years hasn't improved that. I don't know what you budget is but you may be able to pick up a newer VFR750/800 for around the same money.....
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  3. I have a 90 model. They are a great all rounder . I've had mine for 7 years now . Bullet proof . Handle pretty well for a big bike . Still has more performance than I'm able to use.
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  4. ozzyalozzyal what's the pillion comfort like?
  5. I'm looking at 3k max. The VFR's are great touring 1up but I've found they're not that comfy with a pillion
  6. Pillion comfort was fine. My old man had one and used to drop me to and from Sydney from Newcastle. No complaints from a 14 year old me.

    He loved it, but all I can tell you is he had a Remus exhaust which sounded awesome.
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  7. Yeah the Mrs is happy enough on the back . Plenty of power 2 up .
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  8. I've messaged the bloke but he hasn't replied so maybe it's already been sold. Curious to see how it handles. Ideal world I'd get a Blackbird 1100 but that's way out of my budget.
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  9. I've had a couple of them, back in the 90's.
    Comfortable on long trips, I regularly rode 800+ km days, no problem.
    Used to pillion my missus, she never complained.
    Reached the highest speed I've ever been on a bike on my 94 model, which I haven't seen to many posts in that other thread that came anywhere close to that.
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  10. There are a lot of Blackbirds for sale, Keep looking you will find one that some one wants to get rid of, Financial reasons, They need the money,
    I paid $5200-00 for mine, with a heap of Bling, Clothes, Helmets Etc, Two years ago,
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  11. I've done a few km on one (belonged to my mate).
    They are heavy, and feel heavier than they are. Incredibly stable with decent suspension when new. Likes sweepers better than twisties. Tyre size is narrow by modern standards so I wouldn't expect a lot of grip from what will fit. They do go alright.
    I didn't feel very comfortable doing big miles, but that's because I get neck ache from the long reach sports riding position. Wasn't too bad for pillions.
    Blackbird is at least a whole generation improved over the F.
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  12. From 90 on they take modern tyre sizes , you must have ridden an 88 or 89 ?
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  13. I found one on gumtree last night in SA for $3900 with yoshi pipes and a few other mods and only 40,000kms. Messaged the guy but it had just sold that day which doesn't surprise me.

    I think I might just save a little more and wait until a Blackbird comes up, from what I've read they're a decent all-rounder and will handle better than the CBR1000F, unless one comes up that's ridiculously cheap.
  14. Fair call , I love my CBR1000F , but I have no doubt that a Blackbird would be a superior bike all round . Riding position is a bit more raked forward than I can handle tho . Good luck .
  15. Yeah apparently they were designed that way because of the top speed, it was easier to get into the tuck position. I've read a few people put risers on them to make it a little more upright and ease the pain over long rides.
  16. Check out my thread where I have just cranked out 100,000 kays on two Blackbirds, In just over 5 and a half years,
    I had 12 inch risers on both, The only thing I slow down for is very tite hairpins, Due to the long wheel base of the Bird,
    I dont suffer from aches Pains Cramps or any other nastys, The handling is absolutely Awesome, and is super comfortable,
    I ride mostly mountainous Twistys,
    I run metzler Z8's as they dont slip ever,
    Clipons will give you cramps in your hands and wrists, I got 100 kays before my hands were frozen with cramps, Thats why I put the Risers on, It cures all that,
    The bike is stock except for the 6 mm Shim on top of the shock, It gives better turn in, Recommended,
    Bottom Piccy is how I sit on it, I have a double Bubble windscreen so I dont get the wind on me,
    The risers I made my self, There are two other Birds with 12 inch risers as well, They love the handling and comfort as well, They copied mine,
    I did 15000 kays with a pillion, The Bird didnt even notice it,
    Its a great all round Bike, I love it,

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  17. What else can you get for the money that'll crack 260?

    A fairly serious bit of muscle in their day, even if they are Hondas. Top speed was largely down to more enclosure than their rivals than anything special in the engine department.
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  18. They still are Pat, 260 is Fifth gear, They do have six of them, hahahahaha, 10.2 on the standing quarter, Stock,
    It was knocked off its perch by the Busa, Bigger motor 1300 CC, and 10 kays faster, Then the Busa was cleaned up by the Kwaka 1400, also bigger motor and 30 kays faster than the Bird,
    The three of them are all in the same league, Very quick, and no licence if you crack them open, hahahahaha
  19. Here's a great rundown on how good the big bikes of their day were/still are *WARNING* Not for the beige at heart :p

  20. That Blackbird is an FI with Cats in the exhaust, so its BHP is about 142, The early Carby ones run about 160 BHP,
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