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anyone replaced a speedo cable on a zzr 250?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, May 15, 2012.

  1. as above stated - no long drawn out dribble for once.

    looking for anyone who's replaced a speedo cable on a zzr (unsure if all zzr models are same in regard to the speedo cable) and if it's a preset thing (plug n' play per say) or is it something i'd need to tune in some way....i'm a jew..need to start penny pinching so i can get to work on the cbx

    any advice/guides/input you have would be appreciated.(or tell me to stfu and take it to a mechanic)
  2. I had a zzr as my second bike. You just unscrew the old one and screw in the new one. Mine was a 1991 but i am sure they didnt change them.

    The top bit might be a pain to get to, i cant remember if i had to take the fairing off, it was too long ago.

    Unscrew the old one now. When you have it out twist the thing in the middle, if that doesnt turn the other end then thats your issue. When you put the new one in, the slot of the inner needs to be pushed into the groove of your speedo. You do this by feel, then screw the other end in quickly.

    Easy job dont take it to a mechanic without trying.

    Oh and make sure you use pliers to tighten it, especially the bottom. I had mine fall off the rgv last year after replacement, so i lost the inner cable and had to get a whole new cable :(
  3. 5 min job really, undo the couple of bolts that hold the dash down, then you can get to the back to undo the cable.
    You won't need to remove fairings....
  4. It's a piece of piss. I've got a spare second hand one if you want it, $10 & it's yours.
  5. thankyou for the offer mv but sadly im an impatient bastard...and alas...i stripped back all the fairings + headlight by the end of it as the top end was stubborn as all hell + the dash 'seemed' like too much work to get to the top bolt at the back ...and yeah the old cable just looked absolute ratshit...was a obvious repair job of the external housing done previously...i'm hopeless so it took me a hour or two...(i have alot of smoke breaks)

    thankyou for your help guys - always appreciated
  6. ****ing.....grumble....

    yesterday arvo...2 days after fixing my speedo cable...riding along and my clutch cable snaps...i'd previously toyed around clutchless shifting on a mates old farm bike so took it as far as i could get it without stopping (i'm not confident enough going from neutral to 1st or vice versa without the clutch)

    hopefully my uninsured bike is still in the carpark i left it at in the morning when i go to pick it up....otherwise i'll be back having a good ol whinge (couldn't get hands on a ute n tie-downs til midday today as everyone was already drunk)
  7. i got a ute .i can pick it up now .i live near you
  8. ta tiprat but all good man...pickin her up shortly (nickin' off with a mates ute to pick er' up)...just picked up the tie downs from the olds :]

    seriously though ...thankyou for the offer, truely appreciated.
  9. ok ......