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anyone recommend a good dentist?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by voyager, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. I know its a little off-topic, but I'm in need of a dentist fairly urgently - one who is at least semi-human, and who will NOT cause me to lay malpractice charges on him (unlike the last one I went to...).

    Any recommendations ?? I know no-one actively likes going there, but someone has to know a half-decent one. Prefer city or west side, but to be honest - I'll travel.
  2. I just went to Dr Andrew Gikas and Assoc. I got a filling done. the Doc I got there was Dr Nicholas Boardman. The thing was that it was the first time that I never felt the needle. I thought he was pretty good. However he's all the way over here in oakleigh (1550 Dandenong rd..Ph 9569 8877)

    I'd post a pic but I can't show you his face on here!!!
  3. Mariola Stanikoska - Dentist

    9759 7584
    339 Dandelion Drive
    Rowville, Victoria

    She is busy so you need to book a few weeks in advance generally but say it's urgent and they'll try and fir you in.

    Very good rates and she's excellent.
    Dental Surgeon

    109 Millers Road
    Altona North
    9318 0771

    This man has golden hands.
    I went in once to get a tooth pulled, and he was gentle. Cause when I asked him how long before the tooth comes out, he said the tooth was already out about 1 minute before I asked. HOW COOL IS THAT????? Getting a tooth pulled and not knowing if it was out or not.

    Try him!!!! Everyone that I have referred him to has thanked me.

    Dr Peter Goldenhands ROCKS!!!!! What's even better is that I have never ever met a man that is so much into teeth. He is passionate about teeth!!!
  5. The dude that is opposite the Werribee Plaza CNR Heaths Road and Glendale Road
    On the corner at the traffic lights, near the entry to the retirement village.

    Had my teeth cleaned there just before Christmas, I was in and out in 20 mins, didnt feel a thing.

    His assistant is worth it ;)
  6. Thanks all - since there are a couple of recs in the local area, I'll probably go for one of those.
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