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Anyone recommend a good Aussie tool brand?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I want to start building up a tool set now that I have the space to do just that with a view to working on bikes. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a quality brand of tools. I am aware that SnapOn are the tools of choice, but I am not willing to pay so much when I reckon I can pay a lot less for a tool of similar quality. Are Kincrome or Sidchrome good? Kincrome seem cheaper. Are there any other Aussie brands?

  2. Sidchrome, JCB.

    Not sure if Kigchrome have changed but but when i bought some ages ago they were realy uncomfortable to use, the spaters were to thin and hurt your hand when pulling on them
  3. Well Kingcrome is cheaper, but my friend who uses them says it shows in the quality, but i've never used them.

    I use Wurth, its a german brand, and a bit pricey, but damn good... So one could understand how P!$$ed off I got when a prior housemate stole a kit of sockets... He's getting his coming tho :evil:
  4. I've got some Repco sockets.
  5. "Canna hanna manna granna spanna"

  6. I have a 290 pc Kingcrome tool chest. Never let me down, has pretty much everything you need, but have added a f ew more bits and pieces over the years. Sydchrome is more expensive, but I think qualitywise there is stuff all difference if any. If I am not mistaken Sidchrome is also made oversease so really can't see any reason to pay more for Sidchrome. I see many mechanics using Kinchrome, I dont think you need to spend any more for home. Afterall Kincrome are designed for professional use. Sydchrome might have a slightly better finish which you wont notice when you get grease on them. And I'm pretty sure their waranty terms are very similar (I think now you send the tool to Sidcrome and they replace it if they recon it was their fault). Another one you should look at is SupaTool, they are a subsidiary of Kincrome basically are their cheaper brand (but not their cheapest) and have heard are good quality (probably the best value for home mechanic), I actually bought a spark plug socket (because some prick I lent mine to lost it) and it looks like a decent quality product.

    Either of those brands will do the job, personally dont see the extra quality for the extra money you pay for Sydchrome.

    Good to see you are at least looking at decent tools rather than cheap crap that usually cause more headaches than repairs.
  7. I couldn't find that when I searched. Thats exactly what I needed Dan. Thanks!
  8. Sidchrome...will last you forever.
    Dont forget that when buying rachets, buy the ones that are going to be most effective for the work you intend on doing. So a bigger one for heavy duty bolts 14mm or bigger and a small one for 14mm or smaller.
  9. Hooray for tool p0rn!! I love it. :LOL:

    I have a small 1/4 inch Supatool socket set. This little baby can almost dismantle a complete modern motorcycle (wheel nuts excluded) and I love it.

    I also have a larger 1/2 Supatool set and it is great too. I have used both these set extensively and they are great value.

    The Supatool spanners aren't the best though, and I wish I bought a better set of these (I think Sidchrome are much better in this regard).

    I also bought some good Allen keys (Kingcrome I think) as well as a good assortment of pliers, plastic mallet, cutter, screwdrivers, torque wrench (best one you can afford). This pretty much cover all the requirments for minor servicing. You can build on this with more specific tools as you go (manometers, airtools and compressors).

    As for quality, buy the best you can, but don't be afraid of cheaper alternatives if you can't afford the super high quality stuff. If you were using them daily for your lively-hood, buy the uber expensive stuff.

    It has taken me 5 years plus, but I now have a decent collection of tools for most types of jobs.

  10. Bad luck mate, we all don't get delt the best cards, some worse than others. :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. DOOHHHHHH!! How'd that info leak out!! :LOL:
  12. Mate Mate Mate always start with the big boys toys you know that 1-1/2 breaker bar with the 16" extension bar that takes pride of place in the TOOL BOX then you work your way down............

    All the same

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  13. I have much kingchrome and for me the quality comes down to teh warrantee. Kingchrome will warant their tools provided tey are not "abused or misused". Snap on is expensive and that is probably why they can offer the warrantee they do. That is to say my experience with snap on has been, no matter what if it fails it will be replaced! The old sidchrome also carried a lifetime warrantee and the tools were quality stuff. Now I believe sidchrome to be similar to kingchrome (rebranded cheap crap made overseas). I haev broken a fair bit of kingchrome stuff and it was not through abuse (like using a breaker bar on a socket). The european stuff like wurth, stalh willie, etc is great stuff to use, but expensive and probably over priced due to the smaller quantites brought in these days due to other brands dominating the market. A way of ensuring a quality stock of tools was told to me by a very smart man. What he said was to buy a really cheap set of tools. What ever breaks/fails replace with a quality tool. That way the tools you regularly use are of sound quality, and those you dont are not heavily priced. You dont want to spend a fortune on great tools that you never or hardly ever use (like an 11mm socket for example). When I say quality then the brand does not always reflect the quality. Brands like kingchrome can vary their quality from item to item as it depends on how and where it is made. Some of their tools are rebranded crap, whilst others may be of a higher quality. Good luck with your search.

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  14. Kingchrome stuff still carries a lifetime warranty too, from what I understand? Don't see there's much difference between them, then. Can always return a faulty item... might just be a pain if you're caught with something in pieces. :)
  15. Sidchrome is now made in China. I have used Kincrhrome and it's decent stuff, but the handles on the spanners were a bit hard on the hands compared to my old Sidchrome stuff.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Sidchrome.
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  18. well after many years, my tool box contains just about every make of tool out there, Sidchrome/kingcrome/wurth/Stahlwille etc etc etc, i dont bother with brands anymore just buy what i need at the time for the cheapest price, unless im going to claim it on tax then my boss pays for it and i keep the reciept :twisted:

    oh but the biggest best tool in NR = PNUT


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. JOHN HOWARD is a good aussie tool!!!!!!!!!