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Anyone Read Japanese (new 250cc learner)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. 4910088470786.

    Info is scarce but let hope its a inline 4 not a single or twin


    even the Jap blogs dont know what engine is in it, But unfortunatly i think wr250 makes the most economic sense.

    Althou Yamahas 125 is higher spec than the cbr125 maybe they will invest in reviveing an 250cc inline 4 bike and target the upper market.

  2. kawaii! ^.^

    And it's all well and good releasing it... But if Australian Importers take it up? Better save up for 2012....
  3. In Japan in July, the magazine saw YOUNG MACHIN
    YAMAHA也將投入250級市場ä¸è®“KAWASAKI NINJA 250Rç¨ä½”外型跟YZF-R125相似使用WR引擎~最高轉å¯é”18000RPM YAMAHA will also invest 250 from the market KAWASAKI NINJA 250R exclusive appearance with the YZF-R125 engine similar to the use of WR-up to a maximum 18000 RPM Devil
    有圖有真相(ç¿»æ‹æ•ˆæžœå·®è«‹è¦‹è«’) A map is the truth (Copy to understand poor results)

    Highly tuned WR250 engine?
    18,000 rpm from a single cylinder?
  4. That's a realy nice looking bike for the learners :) Will cost a pretty penny though I would imagine... more than the Kwaka I'd imagine?
  5. Yammy have been making a bike like that for at least a year now.. but as for what's in it, nfi :) I was at a yammy dealer one day and they showed me, but said at this stage there was no plan to bring it in.
  6. That's looks fairly awesome, too bad I already got a ninja250r. :D
  7. arnt the wr engines high maintenance and have to freshened up every 10k or so unlike the inline fours
  8. yzf250r4... could the 4 possibly denote 4 cylinders?
  9. Just spoke to one of the girls in my office and she couldn't see anything on there that mentioned the engine . . .

    Nice bike :cool: . . .

    l'll put my money on what duff_boy said:

  10. *Edit - posted in the wrong thread*

    Shame it's a 250. Almost wet myself when I saw the 400cc bit.
  11. what about the R1 then?
    im pretty sure theyre not a one cylinder bike :p
    more logical, its 1/4 capacity of an R1 => R4...?
  12. And an R6 is 1/6th of a litre? silly boy :p

    I think they just dont make sense... i mean look at that stoopid hole-in-the-wall crap... :p
  13. yamaha_yzf-r250.


    first one is plausible, second one is PSd
  14. I dunno what PSd means, but that first one needs a fender eliminator NOW!!!!
  15. Photoshopped.