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Anyone read German???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stigger, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. As per the subject I need the first page Translated I believe it detail of a recall in Germany...

    OK it didn't upload I'll put it up tonite...

  2. nah sorry mate i dont read german, but thanks for asking
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  4. Mmmmm babel fish, wouldnt i love one of them in my ear when the aliens invade
  5. I used to be able to, however Ive lost that skill.

    Try this http://translation2.paralink.com/lowres.asp

    1. Type or copy/paste the words into the top box
    2. Select which translation you wish to occur ie: german to english
    3. Click the red translate button
    Automatically the text is converted into the other language !
    only up to 500 characters per time
  6. I'd prefer a babefish; it would come in especially handy (at least) once a month :grin:
  7. I can read German! But I just dont understand it.... :grin:
  8. Yeah I tried those I just wanted confirmation that I got the gist right, before I start shouting...
  9. Quick and nasty Translation:

    Re-Build Action for Cylinder Heads GT650N/.....

    Within the framework of quality assurance, all front cylinder (V-Twin Im guessing) heads will be replaced under warranty.

    Determine if vehicle has yet been delivered.

    Those not yet commissioned, do as follows;

    Swap all Valves and other parts to new head.

    Order the following parts from us;
    Cylinder head with valve seals
    Cylinder head gasket

    With those already commissioned;

    Swap cylinder head with exhaust valve

    Cylinder Head with valve seals
    Cylincer head gasket
    2 x Exhaust valves

    Other parts are to be checked and replaced as requried.

    List all dates and data

    Warranty request to be handed in

    Use AB04R0 as a warranty code on Warranty Request application.

    (That was the first page)

    Second page is protocol and order form

    Third page tells models built AFTER 01.03.2006 are NOT affected, neither are those with BLACK frames.


    I need to go rest my brain now.
  10. Thanks thats what I thought it said... Interesting that Germany gets them replaced and here they say there is no problem...