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Anyone painted a bike in 'Morpheus' ???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_sikma, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone has re-sprayed their bike in the Holden SS colour, Morpheus?

    Any pics would be great...



  2. A bike would look pretty sweet with this Morpheus painted on it:


    But no, sorry...my bike's black :)
  3. No haven't see one yet.
  4. FYI We looked at this colour for our SV6 and I was almost sold on it from what I'd seen in brochures and online. It was a gorgeous colour.

    We then saw one at the dealership and changed our minds. It looked great in print brochures, but when we had a look up close, it almost had an underlying... orange? sorta tinge to it. Definitely not the same purple that we'd seen.

    We ended up going with Voodoo Blue.

    I guess what I'm saying is make sure you see it up close and personal before you decide :)
  5. There's a cruiser getting around down here with it. Looks great from a distance, but havent seen it up close nor have any pics.
  6. If you like morpheus haev a look at the purple HSV were using called ultraviolet. It's almost the same but doesn't have the orange tint that was mentioned. (which is from the color in the metalic flake). I've heard ultraviolet was achieved using a dark blue base coat with a translucent purple candy over the top. Different lighting conditions would see you go from purple all the way through to what looked black almost.
  7. they say purple is for the sexually deprived :)
  8. Does that mean royalty used to be sexually deprived?

    Or do you mean depraved? Because that'd definitely fit with some of the buggers.
  9. Please excuse the 2 second job and total inaccuracy..


  10. Sounds like my Purple 2007 M50...
  11. looks alright to me phiz for a 2sec job, although not my cuppa tea.
  12. ...like thus?

    - Kezza from OzSportsBikes.com

  13. ^^^ love it...

    what bike is that?
  14. Cbr600RR I think, the one I 'shopped is a zx6r.
  15. purple is gay mkay.
  16. I didn't realise we had this many clacker considerers on this site.
  17. a darker colour purple (i.e. midnight purple) would look good but that fireblade doesnt look at all desirable.

    Have a look at the different purple nissan r34 gtr's came im, they are darker and look awesome!
  18. but also you gotta realise that purple cbr600 is a girls bike.. so its SUPPOSED to look gay :p

    I agree about the darker one though.. like perhaps almost black, but shines bright purple in the light - like a pearlescent.
    That'd be sweet