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VIC Anyone owns a pre-1956 bike?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by grue, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Mods, apologies if this isn't in the right place but I didn't see a great category for it.

    I work for a film production company that's going to be doing a project set in the mid 1950s, and we're going to need some vintage bikes for a few (non-stunt!) scenes, and I figured I'd check with my fellow netriders to see if anyone has bikes from that era that they might want to rent out to the production, or if someone could point me in the right direction.

    Just a general feeler at this point, production will start around the middle of 2012. Your baby would of course be fully insured and returned to you just as you left her :)

  2. that is cool.
    i like that you are asking for any pre-1956 bikes,
    and not just 1950s bikes.

    many period movies tend to use props from too narrow a date range.
    and/or focus only on the things that have been popularised in hindsight.

    what you end up with is a really schmaltzy feel.
    which is fine for something like 'That 70's Show'.

    imagine in fifty years time, if someone was doing movie set in 2011.
    take a look out the window now,
    it is not like all the vehicles you see were made in the last 10 years and in show room condition.
  3. does the bike get ridden and by who? and is there $s involved?
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    Precisely it! We don't want to have a narrow snapshot of the culture at the time, but a reasonable representation!

    Good question, I'll check with the producers and director and find out the situation more specifically and update the thread. I'm on the editing side of things, but as a rider, I got asked to poke around a bit :angel:

    EDIT: Just got off the phone with the producer, here's the situation:

    The bikes would be ridden in a few scenes by CAMS-licensed stuntman (of course the bike won't be used for stunts, but insurance is a lot easier with a stuntman behind the controls), and the owner is compensated both financially and gets a special thanks in the credits. You're also welcome to come to the shoots and hang out during the production! :)
  5. I know a few guys with 2011 Harleys. Close enough?

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    The technology might be ;)


    I'll pass that on, thanks.
  7. You should check out Eurobrit in Greensborough, it's the Enfield dealer for Victoria and they work on and store a lot of older bikes from various brands. Maybe you could make some sort of deal with them
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