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Anyone owned/ridden a Yamaha IT250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by drewcarey, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Has anyone had any experience with a Yamaha IT250 (2 stroke)? They're obviously quite old now but a friend of the familys got one for sale, he used to be a bike mechanic by trade and he's rebuilt it recently so mechanically its fantastic, just looks a bit rough. Thinking of getting it as a cheap fun bike if they're quick off road. Would be something I can go flat out on and not worry about dropping! Just worried whether its a good enough bike off road to warrent spending the cash on a toy?

  2. Yup, IT is two stroke, the enduro version of the YZ250 MXer. Two strokes are awesome in the dirt, I wish I had another 2 smoker. If it's good mechanically, who gives a crap what it looks like. A dirt bike is supposed to look crap, that's why you can park it with the key in it, and no-one will steal it. Function over form :cool:

    The ITs were great off-roaders from what I've heard. Check out Google for some forums, I'm pretty sure AdvRider.com had a thread on IT's.
  3. I use to have one before I had seen the light of road bikes and it was a great bike. I still got it but its out the farm and I havent riden it for about 12 months. I near bet my left nuts that I could go out there put some fresh fuel in kick it and it would go (maybe a few kicks but not many).
  4. Here too. Was a great bike, loved it!

    If the price is right, grab it.
  5. how much you want for it? :grin: