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Anyone own or ridden the new Suzuki Gladius?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by charoli, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Just interested in the new Suzuki Gladius as a potential replacement for my '05 GS500. Overseas reviews are quite favourable, and rate it well for performance/value. Looks like it will replace the SV650.

    Interested if anyone has test ridden one, or has actually got one.
  2. Don't mind it, look forward to someones review, but who comes up with the names at Suzuki, Russel Crowe?
  3. don't think you'll see Maximus on this bike, colour choices are awful...let's see black or fluoro/candy/blue?? UK even has a pink/magenta version!
  4. It looks like an interesting bike, but the piddly 14.5 litre tank is a bit of a dissapointment.
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    I don't own one and haven't ridden one but there are reviews on YouTube such as:

  6. i didnt know they were even out...

    lady at suzuki stand had no idea - maybe mid/late april

    are they out?
  7. No-one stops you from seeing black - it's on Suzuki Australian website: our choices appear to be white/blue and black.

    As usual, we get what I consider the worst choices. I like the white/red and most of all, the black/green some other markets get. White/blue does look a bit too much like a toothpaste to me.

    But at least they ordered the all black version for those insecure types among us.
  8. It isn't a replacement for the SV650 but is being sold alongside it. The S is definitely continuing, not 100% on the N version though.

    The missus doesn't mind the look of them but prefers the red (I'm a guy I don't see magenta)/white combination that was at the bike expo last year.

    14.5L tank will still get you 250km with a bit to spare.
  9. Says whom?

    "Whilst stocks last" seems more likely.

    Also I noted the SV1000 just disappeared. Shame the namek version was much under estimated.
  10. I was thinking more Dame Edna for the naming... but the bike itself seems like a decent package.

    Is it the one that has plastic masquerading as an alloy frame, though? Or am I thinking of something different?
  11. That appears to be the only downside to it. It'll still make it on my list of ones to try with the Hornet 600 and Z750 in 12-18 months time. I love the sound v-twins make so its got to be a look in for me :)
  12. Tend to agree, they'll run the SV650 until stocks run out. Gladius appears to be a direct replacement, with a LAMS version and hear there'll be a half faired version next year.

    Reviews rave about the engine, handling is good, low seat height, debate seems to be around how it looks. Personally I don't mind the curves, the blue/white is a bit too much like a Macleans toothpaste.
  13. You're well behind the times. In Feb last year it was known that no more SV1000 models were being brought intot he country and in Mar '08 the last one left the warehouse.

    The Gladius is not sold as an ABS version and is a bike that has been marketed toward the female and metrosexual segment of the market. The SV is a different bike, aimed at a different market segment. The SV is still a top seller for Suzuki, world-wide and the Gladius is not an revision of the SV, it is a different bike altogether.

    I also have a few contacts who work at dealerships and Suzuki Aust.
  14. Wish the SV1000 was still available. Shame.
  15. Emissions killed it off. There isn't enough return on investment for the Japanese to make a new 1000cc twin so I don't think we'll see a replacement for it in the near future.
  16. Now that doesn't look that bad, does it?

    Although if you wanted to make your Gladius look like that, we don't get this colour scheme and I don't think we have an official distributor for Ixil exhaust either. Although there must be some shop on the net that would ship one to Australia.
  17. When I frist saw pictures of it, I thought it was a cool looking bike. When I saw it in the "metal" at a show, I wasn't too impressed. It was a while back now, can't remember exactlty what I didn't like, just remember that it came across a bit cheap looking (build quility, etc.).
  18. No different to SV650 then?
  19. Coming from an ER-6 owner. Riiiiight. :jerk:
  20. all it needs now is a fender eliminator.

    Why bother with a local shop getting an Ixil? Hunt around on the internet and get it shipped to your door. Getting someone local to order one in will cost you dearly