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Anyone own a CB1300 S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thetramp64, May 9, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone owns one of these. The '06 model. I've been offered an ex dealer model for about $12,500. Any info would be great.
    I'm looking at touring / commuting and the (occasional) spur run at a sane speed!

    Edit. This has the Bikini Fairing and has done SFA Kilometers.
  2. my BF has the regular no bikini fairing version
    he has a small windscreen that he uses for long trips (he stuck it on there on our trip to naracoorte)

    I'll get him to post about the bike for you later either tonight or tomorrow.

    What i can tell you for now is what I've observed:
    It's comfy as hell for long tours. We rode to naracorote (I was on the CB250) and when we got there he was still fresh as if he'd just started, I was knackered. THe seat is comfy for the rider & the pillion.

    It was very economical on the freeway, he needed to fill up less than I did. The 21 litre tank helped too.

    He also likes to take it in the twisties with me & my dad for a bit of 'fun'.
    Let's just say he keeps up with my dad's fireblade MOST of the time.

    Commuting, well he rides it to work every day too and loves it.

    as far as he's concerned, he will never sell it.
  3. Hi dude,
    This is edgelett's BF and yes i own a CB1300 2003 model. In answer to your questions, commuting is so easy on this bike you don't need the right gear and rev range for a corner for those early mornning starts as the torque makes it so easy, just open the gas in nearly any gear she'll pull away.

    Lane splitting is easy and you will have the torque to pull away even if the cage next to you wants to try and accelerate hard and you were too tired to gauge the lights well. The hidden secret that this bike has is the amount of space that is under the seat, i am yet to find a bike that can match it, go back to the dealer and get him to pop the seat for you.

    Ok the twisties this little lady is quick, very quick, what it lacks in flickability it makes up for in forgiveness. Great brakes, fantastic torque so the wrong gear does not matter. The few i have allowed to ride my bike have all said how well it is balanced and how stable it is at speed.

    Touring is ok there are a couple of down sides though the seat can (after a long run) can force you onto the tank a bit but then again i am only 5'7 and have to lean forward just a little. Mine also tends to turn you into a wind sock at speed but mine has no screen, although the small bolt on screen does make alot of difference (yours should be very nice).

    There is also the hoon aspect, it is so smooth the most of the time you wont know the front wheel is up until you feel it gently touch back down. The accelleration is so good from the lights that you will be beaming from ear to ear and leaning forward on the pegs to stay on!

    In my opinion it is the best bike on the road and i cant think of anything i dont like about it, the perfect multi purpose bike.
  4. Much appreciated. Thank you.
    I had already seen the Grand Canyon like space under the seat, and this one has the sunnies / mobile phone "glove boxes" in the bikini fairing too. Add a Gearsack (planned) and I think there is enough storage for anyone... well OK a little of my stuff and a lot of a pillions (if they are female).... :p
    Seriously, if I'm ever up that way (and I'm planning a couple of trips) lets sink one. I owe you a "drink of choice".
    If the $$ comes in OK I think you just sold me!
  5. Yeah I think they are sweet looking bike, old school meets new skool. Great value should last you years. I want one. :grin:
  6. It's hard being the other half aint it?? :grin:
  7. It's hard being the other half aint it?? :grin:
  8. I can't believe he actually got around to posting about his bike!!
    lol - i've been trying to get him to write a review of it for about 12 months now - he's not a forums kind of guy.

    you won't be dissapointed Tramp, not a day goes by that he doesn't tell people how happy he is with the bike. he loves it.

    he's got a few aftermarket things on his too: a hugger, micron exhaust, stainless steel radiator cover, brake/clutch caps, and a ventura rack.

    here's a linky:

  9. is it true there is noticeable vibration thru the pegs and seat between 110 k and 150k's, as I saw recently reported and confirmed on an overseas forum? Was casually considering one, haven't ridden yet.... :?:
  10. i just asked the other half, as he took his bike on a cornering course at Adelaide International Raceway last weekend and was doing between 120-200kph all day

    he said 'nope, nothing excessive or worse than any of the normal feeling of being on a motorcycle, it doesn't really vibrate at all'

    he said that maybe the people on the o'seas forum forget that on a motorcycle you're going to feel things more than in a car. but it said it certianly doesn't vibrate any more than any other bike he's ridden at those speeds.