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Anyone ordered from bimoto recently?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lui, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. I was going to order a Dianese jacket from bimoto a couple of months ago but they didn't have my size at the time and was told that new jackets will arrive in December.

    They were pretty good in email, in terms of response time and information presented. I sent them a couple of emails this month to see if anything is happening but haven't heard back since. I wonder if they have ceased operation or just simply went on holidays.

    I know sportbiketrackgear and revzilla sell Dainese jackets but their price including shipping is only about 20% cheaper than local, not worth the hassle unless it's something not availably locally.
  2. i was looking for gear in Dec, got told the factory wasnt going to resume that line of jackets till March. im looking to get some other items for now, from what i can tell bimoto has positive feedback on other bike forums and have been responsive to my questions. they are sticklers for size and won't let you order till you confirm you've tried the gear locally or give them your measurements!!

    For anyone else interested, here are some things i learnt on the way

    To do aud-eur conversions:

    1. google "aud eur", you'll see something like:

    1 Australian dollar = 0.741230634 Euros

    2. take 1 and divide by that number e.g. 1/0.741230634 = 1.349

    3. multiply the price of what you want to buy by this result

    4. Your bank might publish their fx rates online, so that will give you an idea of how close they are to the market rates you see on google. most local banks will charge a bit extra so expect to add another 1-3%

    Check out the T&Cs if the retailer offers them, you shouldn't be charged VAT since you are buying from outside Europe. You won't get GST either unless they get picked up at customs and someone there decides to slap it on and bill you for it.
  3. Currently, GST isn't be payable unless the goods value is declared as being $1000 or more. Mind you, if that happens then you have to jump through hoops to set yourself up as an "importer", pay a fee for being set up ($36 if I remember correctly) and finally (once you have your importer customer number) pay the GST.
  4. Yea, Bimoto's price is same as Dainese's website price, but for some strange reason Dainese doesn't remove the VAT component of the order even though the shipping address is clearly outside of Europe. I didn't go all the way to confirm the order, so may be they will take out the VAT at the very last step, but shipping is steep 80 euro to ship a jacket to Australia, no thanks!

    Dealing with Bimoto is much better, not only they remove VAT, shipping is also a lot more reasonable at 20 euro. However, their spam filter is causing them sales, I have finally worked out that their lack of response was due to they didn't get my email in the first place. To verify that, I sent the same email from a different mailbox and got in touch with them no problem, but meanwhile I have already purchased another jacket from elsewhere.

    So if you (whoever is reading this) don't hear back from Bimoto within a couple of days, re-send the email from a different mailbox.
  5. buy from a reseller in the US - i checked the dainese site and it was more expensive then getting it through a store in the US even though it was an item that they didn't stock and had to order in from Dainese and then ship it to me...

    weird i know...
  6. hey blaise thanks for pointing out, i didn't realise there was a limit good you mentioned it.

    hopefully the new stuff arrives soon :D
  7. or just google "currency converter"!!