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Anyone not upgrade?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VC, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. A few months out from being on my opens (NSW), I'm curious as to whether anyone out there has stuck to their LAMS bike and not gone for the upgrade?

    If so, why?

    Personally, I'd love to get a CBR600RR/R6/ZX-6R... but the likelihood is slim in terms of finances and my dear wife's concerns.

    Today, I saw a CB250 and a GPX250 without plates... just wondering if you're in that boat.
  2. I bought a 2fiddly on an open license, it wasn't bad for a while but it wouldn't wheelie or take off like a bat out of hell so I got jack of it.

    Fast road bikes are fun dude.
  3. I have had my full open licence for a few years.. I have only ever owned 250cc.. however I regularly ride bigger bikes on the weekends.. 600cc, 750cc and the R1..

    If you can score a deal like that why buy a bigger bike :)
  4. I kept my baby bandit for three years. I was commuting in town, so there was hardly a point in an upgrade.
  5. I kept my CB250 for many many years. I went back to uni (why I thought another degree was a good idea I don't know) and couldn't afford the upgrade. As soon as I finished the course, the first thing I did was by a bigger bike (mind you it's LAMS legal, but a hell of a lot nicer). :)
  6. VC, I couldn't wait to upgrade from a 250. I found riding one for long distances very tiring due to lack of power. Overtaking, on country rides (dual lane carriageway) requiring a lot of thought and planning. But looking back I do remember saying "a 250 is all I am ever going to need". How wrong I was.
  7. hahaha I'm saying that right now!

    "250 is all i need..."

    If i keep saying it will i believe it?

    In all seriousness I am on my opens. I could've bought ANYTHING.
    I've had the beast since November. She does the job. I love her.

    I thought I was a cruiser person too - Next bike is DEFINATELY a naked. They are teh sex.
  8. Personally i cannot wait to upgrade! I know it won't happen the first second i am off restrictions but it will definately happen soon after. Boy i cannot wait for the day.

    Z750/Z1000 here i come :twisted:
  9. Yes indeedy... upgrade as soon as you possibly can.
    I still mutter once in a while that i miss my 250, but i don't think it's the fact that it was a 250 that attracted me to it; i think it was the low weight of the bike! By the same token, my jump to an old and somewhat heavy 1000cc sports bike i sometimes question as being a step too far in the right direction.

    I'm thinking something in the middle would be the perfect compromise for me; but the problem is i wouldn't take any less power than my current steed has got. So now i'm on the lookout for something ~180-190kg wet with ~110-120bhp. Aside from the new 750's there isnt really anything else that fits into that category (and even they are a little down on the 110bhp).

    Enjoy every moment on your 250, then when the day comes to sell it... enjoy your new bike. You can always keep your original 250 as a momento if finances permit. ;)
  10. Everything is sexiest when naked. :cool: Mind you, cotton knickers and my t-shirt looks good too in the morning, as long as it's not not me wearing them. :LOL:
  11. Vic.

    *runs away*
  12. Shhhhhhhh! :wink:

    Edit: Besides, it's pretty clear I was refering to the ER-5, Hornet 900, GSX 250, CB250, IZH Jupiter etc.....
  13. Easy, Just Take a bigger bike for a squirt.

    If you're not convinced by
    a. power wheelies
    b. wind resistenterness
    c. easy drag race wins
    d. better engine note
    e. power wheelies

    then I'd say nah stick to a too fiddy! :grin:
  14. "a", "d" & "e" apply only to those who ride a TRX without modification. No responsibility will be taken for purchaces of other bikes outside learner requirements.

    Edit: Jeeze i'm a fan of the TRX. One of the blokes at work has one and I hear him comming approx 6mins before he arrives! Downside is (for him), we both park in front of the boss's office so there's no way "he" can leave work early. :grin:
  15. I rode my Zeal for a year or so after getting off restrictions. It was mostly a financial decision, but one I was happy with as most of my riding was commuting and the Zeal was quick enough around town that I didn't mind too much.

    Also I could throw it around really easily, so I kept up with a lot of the bigger bikes through the twisties. It was only when we got out in the sweepers of open straights where I was left for dead that I got annoyed.
  16. Totally, a 250 can be flicked though anything. They're so light the barely need a rider! On a 500 I work a lot harder, but go way slower through the tightest twisties than I ever did on a 250.

    I don't even bunny hop the 5 unless I have to. :LOL:
  17. personally I can't wait to get a bigger bike. Not really so much I want more power but bigger bikes just look nicer. I like nice looking stuff :grin: Plus theres a bigger range of bike to choose from.

    I'm thinking the new GSXR 600 or ZXR6
  18. Poser. :cool: :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. can't deny part of me is, oh well. gotta do what floats my boat. :grin: But i do make it a point to not ride down to acland street every saturday and sit on the bike outside Vineyard. I gotta get some redeeming points for that.
  20. Bonus points for you! Mind you, with all the stuff happening wih all that's going on in Adelaide on any given night, I can't imagion why you'd bother anyway. :?