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Anyone nearby to Preston in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Hai guys,

    There's a bike in melbourne, specifically preston that I'm looking to buy and ship to the gold coast.

    It's a CBR250RR but it's had a bit of a dingle (front end is smashed) and I'm looking for someone excluding the owner lol to have a look at it (maybe someone a bit more experienced) and tell me how it all looks.

    Apparently it's just front end damage and the pictures seem to tell the tale pretty well but I am just covering my bases is all.

    Anyone able to help?
  2. Hmmmm I am a newb with little experience so would not be of help to you, though I have to ask... why buy a bingled 250rr of all bikes, AND ship it all the way up there.... ??

    I assume it is going for a steal and cash is an issue?
  3. Yeah it's a good buy, but also I lost my license last year which threw out my open license circumstances so I'm back on a 250 for a while.

    Couldn't bring myself to buy a CB250 or a VTR250 or anything too spensive so since this came up, I don't mind fixing it myself and also I'm helping out a dude who needs the cash so yeah, we all win!

    It's not TOO expensive to ship it. I've done the figures and it puts me a few hundred in front if i buy it and fix it myself. Some might say I am wasting my time but ultimately I like the CBR250RR's and I don't want to pay $5000.00 for one.
  4. I live in Preston. Drop me a PM and I'll go have a look for you.
  5. Hey thanks! PM sent!