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Anyone near Craigieburn to check out a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gurbachen, May 16, 2013.

  1. As title says, I'm looking for someone knowledgeable to check out a CBR929RR in Craigieburn that belongs to another member here, @juls2157401. I'm neither super experienced nor licensed to ride it until July so I'd really appreciate it if someone could check it out for me. Would prefer someone who will actually be able to look it over with a good eye and test ride it to pick up on any issues. Let me know either here or by PM. Happy to pay for fuel or what have you.

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  2. It seems that Juls is the only one who lives in Craigieburn haha

    In case it wasn't clear, I would of course be there as well, I just can't ride it.
  3. I don't mind riding motorcycles & I'm about 40 mins away, but it would involve going to Cragieburn...


    Are you in a hurry & will it be unregistered?
  4. I'm not too far from there and happy to inspect it for you, I used to do it for a living at one time. I'm a bit short of spare time in daylight for a few days but we can work that out, riding if unreg will be an issue for me.
  5. It's not super urgent, probably won't be for a couple weeks. Bike is unregistered but I'm told you can get a permit for 24hrs like you can with cars? MV, i'll make you back-up tester if Nearly is unavailable, I wouldn't want to inflict Craigieburn on you unnecessarily :p Thanks guys
  6. I hope you buy this bike, it will stop me lusting after it.
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  7. I've been eyeing (spell check says that's supposed to be 'eying' but I play by no mans rules) Juls' bike for a while, wasn't sure which gen fireblade I was going to go for. I think cheap and easy is the way to go, and less power for me to ride off a cliff with haha
  8. Sweet. Cragieburn's not so bad if you like moccasins & Commodores I guess ;)
  9. RE to a cbr1k?

    thats going to be exciting...
  10. '00 929, should be comparable power to a modern ~6xx
  11. That's still pretty quick! Vroom!
  12. Ehh gotta throw yourself down the road some day haha
  13. Am now leaning towards a Blackbird instead just for the extra comfort, even though it's only a few degrees different. Expect an "Anyone near Reservoir" thread sometime soon :p
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  14. Enfield to Super Blackbird 1100XX......this should be interesting
  15. Eh, Enfield to anything will lead to interesting events.
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