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Anyone "meh" to the AFL grand final?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Well it's that time of the year where lots of people are watching the game. I lost interest (in general) of AFL many years ago. It's great here in inner melb if one needs to drive a car during this time. It is so ghostville city! Due to pain medications side effects at present, I'm not touching any machine! Had some drinks to celebrate my girlfriends first Saturday off work since the cafe where she works (well, manages, runs it pretty much, EVERYONE including the owner ask her what to do when they don't know something! She's a gun over there *does proud hand on heart motion * :grin: )

    Anyway, she usually is the only one working there as she is the only one capable of running that cafe by herself, I usually pop over to give support :) So, end story, one of not that many times, less than 5 times this year I had some drinks last night and today with Emma just cause "she can" ;) Weather was too crap yesterday arvo for motivation to head on out so we had a few friends pop over to celebrate Emmas day off with us. Mixed after effects of pain meds + drinks = NO TOUCHY MY BIKEY...

    I'm stuck home, Emma is having a power nap, I'm in the meh mood cause I've cleaned up the tornado like mess everyone left the house in (well deserved ;) ) and not in the mood to do much else except drink tea now and catch up on web forums I haven't read that much of in the past week/s.

    Main topic: So, what are people doing that don't care about the Grand final or whatever today? Sorry if someone else has bet me to a similar post, I am too meh to check before posting :)

    It really feels like Sunday, so great perk is we have tomorrow as another day of the weekend! wheeeeeee :) Not sure what's planned... :?: :?: :?:
  2. well in this house we are not much into AFL so have been slothing about pretty much today
    tomorrow is a big learning session on the bikes with friends of us, practicing slow riding and u-turns etc

    and have monday off.....

  3. Absolutely. I could care less about the grand final.


    And what am I doing today? Lucky me is stuck at work.
  4. Ah, at least you are earning $$$ to hopefully support your passion(s) etc :) Do Sundays pay any better than weekdays or same or are you on a salary? That's if you want to state an answer besides I KNOW NUTHINK I SEE NUTHINK! :grin:
  5. Couldn't give two sh%ts about the AFL.
    What 2 teams are playing again...??

    A bunch of over-paid primadonnas chasing a ball around a paddock IMO.

    I can think of about a thousand things I'd rather be doing than wasting my life and watching that commercial BS on the idiot box, like sticking hot needles in my eyes for instance....

    All too tribal for me I'm afraid.......
  6. Does that mean you are not a Port fan?? :p

    you described our thoughts exactly
    good to see we are not the only ones that feel like it too

  7. Ah the joy of my job...nah I'm salaried and work whatever days my shifts fall on - be it a weekday, weekend, public holiday, christmas day - makes no difference. At least its from home though :grin:
  8. Just got back from a quick blast up the spur!

    Oh my god! Pure bliss, not one soul!
  9. I am glad it is on today, cos it means that traffic on Hoddle St on the weekends will be better! \:D/ \:D/

    (I work both Sat and Sun until 5pm)

    Other than that, couldn't give a flying firetruck about it.
  10. Well, I went to a dyno day and Mt Glorious.

    The footy is on in the other room but I spent most of the first quarter spraying weedkiller on my front path.

    Lost another $20 cos Port can't kick straight.... ahhh well.
  11. Ah cool, much like me cept TAC for time being are the employers for me at home except I did get a job last week! 2 hours a day maximum, however many or least days I want/can? work to test the waters with working with pain/injury. I'm just glad the travel time is less than 15 mins by PT + walking from door to door! I still had a small break down (mood wise) 3 days into new said job. I think it was "culture shock" combined with pain + silly stress induced pain. I wasn't paid when I was supposed to and it just shook me up, just cause I was used to seeing it on the day I knew I'd be paid. I called TAC, got onto the finance department and person on phone could see no reason at all why money didn't get deposited. It was sitting there, waiting for the "send" button. The TAC dude double checked it all, it verified ok (my particulars etc) and payment went in.

    Also the boss who "took me in", it seemed I was used as cheap labour as my pay is subsidised by TAC and he had NO communication with me at work, a whole office of 3 rooms and 1 to 4 people working there at any single time I was there. It all got worked out on Fri via an email from him at 4:49 stating basically he didn't realise I was concerned for lack of communication as he thought my work was awesome. Simple html pages - template made with dreamweaver, all 100% done by me. So at least it seemed I can think for myself even if I feel it is a bit tooooo easy for me. And financially, it is in my best interest NOT to work whilst I can't work full time hours. No matter the hrs worked, whilst on med cert for not able to work full time in usual job position, I get paid the same except any tax taken out by employer "I lose". So, the more I work, the more tax gets taken out, the more I "don't get". Weird system huh, incentive NOT to work pretty much.

    But if it looks like I'm doing a dodge, nup. I'd love to work back as a sys admin, I've installed 4 boxes at home on network for my to admin as I miss it. Just that it's damn hard to carry h/w and/or work on it - i.e screwdrivers etc with bad arm = living hell. I still need to get the sweatshop worker boy onto the menial tasks like card addons/removals.. So, common blodders, earn your feed matey! ;)
  12. Great to hear you're back into some work mate :)

    :rofl: you've got Blodders doing hardware support for your home gear? Classic!

  13. It's the undii version (i.e LONG off tangent ;) ) of "housemate". So, if he is home, I am in the need for stuff to be done that is (very) hard or nigh impossible, he is happy to help out [I hope!] Haven't really tested my theory out yet that he works for his supper due to the weird injury I have. My arm can't bend by itself due to bicep + delt loss but I can use both hands to move/carry stuff *if* I get my bad arm in a position to be useful. My stubborn "I can do it" method does take a bit longer to do, much like some of my posts :oops: and usually at the end of it;which can be "just" carrying a desktop machine 10-20 metres can be like a full days work for me for the after affect, sweat, sore + worn out due to stuff that is basic for a "normal" person, can be bloody hard and all that violin inducing sooky sooky la la stuff. So, times like this really show I simply could not do a full days work if it involved anything "using" my bad arm.

    Also typing can be a pain (literally and metaphorically) if I am not at a [almost] perfect position for me to type in. Which was/well is the way I am at work whilst the owner (small business of 3 or 4 employees that I gather. I haven't been told SFA about it, I sent a big emotional letter (literally took me 3 or 4 hours to do from start to "send", I did stop here and there for needed breathers etc.. Crazy but it was needed "to be said" cause he is hardly ever available to talk in person but that's life, it can easy, it can be really hard or anywhere in between. I didn't want to start this position with a downward spiral (of my mind/emotions/health + working conditions and communiction between us 2), long story as usual with me, I never seem to do anything by halves. So, email sent, his reply 25-26 hours later which showed the penny dropped for him with regards to how I felt and the mistaken thought of poor me being "stuck in a corner" of the office and just doing extended data entry (html pages with LOTS of screenshots.. Sooo mundane for mr expert me *sarcasm mode*).

    So, Monday is organised for us to actually sit down and talk.. This is a big step, I'm hoping he meant it and we get to actually chew the fat as opposed to "hi, here is the office. There is your desk, your arm pivot attachment isn't installed, so try your best to do some html "HOWTO" pages for the CMS we have... Sianora!

    And 3 days solid of me walking in, usually to an empty office or his mate/business partner of sorts saying the other guy is sorry that he (the boss/owner of company) is busy/away for an hour or so out of the 2 hours I'm assigned so I tap tap away in my needed gimpy position so I'm somewhat comfy to type. Move up here and there to move the arm as it being stationary of sorts induces pain.. Pain enough to make me pass out twice at different dates/places. Oh yeah, all this is a matter of fact "talking", not a please feel sorry for me. The internet sucks for lack of body language, expressions etc :) It's VERY easy for any/all of us to read the text in wrong context/mood etc.

    So anyway, I did this for 3 days, had a small break down of frustration and stuff after the main opiate pain meds wore off and I regained emotions.. I was kind of emotionless @ work due to pain meds taken so I'd not be feeling much if any hopefully pain (TAC assigned workplace assesor who was a physio asked if I knew my pain meds enough to do this heh..Kinda scary - Please dope yourself up LOTS so you can work without pain and oh yeah, emotions... Same comments kinda from more than one "staff" member.

    And now we're up to the present, enjoying my gf's day off by doing stuff all now, last night made up for a weeks worth of sllyness on average - 'twas fun! :p :grin: I hope I talk to the guy and we just get to assign times/days that we can have pseudo meetings for me to pass on thoughts etc. I despise being a "glorified data entry person with initiative to create stuff" in my view, I like interaction, either with servers or people. Sometimes it gets more "personal" with servers, other users/admins may experience this.. They are our babies and thought of as much (at times) :)

    Ok, off tangent babbling again.. Blodders is back, he bought some food back with him from his stroll down swan st. He told us it is bare as (in relation to people). Now we're watching a hi-def movie on our newly bought sony bravia. Thanks nameless NR as per request (I think? heh)! NetRider - Connecting riders :)

    Ah, when it's in quite moments of said movie I mentioned, we can hear the collective "oohhs and ahhhs" again. Ok, I'm gonna get away from my laptop for a bit.... I need fresh air as opposed to exhaust air from the fan of my laptop.. That MAY be the reason of my loopy mood, not the pain meds and possible interaction of some drinks... I know, we'll blame the doctor dropping me on my head as a baby... Covers all possibles usually then :grin:

    Have a great day all fellow "meh" people ;)
  14. I've just spent most of the day in the shed, making stuff. Came in at half time, saw the score and thought, "Meh, think I'll go have a chat."

    Grand Final Shminal... :p
  15. I took the kids to the Show today.

    The Grand Final is on tomorrow
  16. What is this "AFL" of which you speak? :LOL:
  17. Go Storm

    Spewing I don't work for Mediwank anymore coz I could've scored free tix to the GF :facepalm:

    As for the AFL Grand Final :roll: can't believe I wasted my arvo watching that shite... Port were pathetic, worst AFL Grand Final I've ever seen!!
  18. I'm so glad I didn't have to work today, a full day and night of the AFl would drive me nuts.
  19. You're shttin me. The AFL GF is the Holy Grail.

    Cats got up. 1st in 44 years

    These are happy times!!!