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Anyone lost a GSXR600?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all. Anyone know the owner of this bike. It was dropped off at the shop by a towing company but the phone number supplied is the wrong number. It's been in the shop for around 6 weeks without anyone ringing to claim it. I know it belongs to a pommie guy called Chris but thats all I've got to go on. If you have any info on who the owner might be ring me at the shop 03 9077 7312.



  2. I couldn't go 6 weeks without my baby.

    Netrider Auction??? :)
  3. call the coppers give them the rego and let them contact him ?? he might have it reported as stolen.. therefore ur in possession of stolen goods..
  4. This is the second time this year that this has happend. The rego is in the picture if any of a police officer members want to run it through the system?
  5. Pretty sure they're not allowed to run plates on a "whim", but I doubt you'd have much of a problem even if it was hot, obviously...
  6. if no-one claims it ...... :bolt:
  7. Oi! Back of the line, old man :D
  8. Must be one of those people with money to burn - you know the sort, complain about being broke, and throw cash around on expensive objects but with no attachment to them....

    Get to work on the thing Pete, this guy probably puts at least 2000km a year on his bike, so he's gonna need it soon!
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  9. Lol. Yeah I remember the other thread you posted about this. Some strange people out there....
  10. Not listed as stolen.
  11. Maybe the guy didn't pay his towing bill and the towie won't tell him which bike shop he dropped it at until he does?

    Maybe the towie didn't like the look of the guy so told him he dropped it at Peter Stevens instead? They're now fielding five calls a day from his solicitor for nicking his bike.

    Surely you can just ring the copshop and explain the problem and they'll go find the owner? (Eventually, of course.)
  12. If he's heard of Peter Stevens he's probably trying to recover it before they service it 8-[
  13. Hahaha. Zing!
  14. My first thought, was how the hell do you lose a gsxr600.... I mean its not like "oh shit I lost $20"... These things tend not to just be 'misplaced' :p
  15. I found a packet of smokes under the driver's seat of the cage today - I was pretty happy about that, but I doubt a Gixxer would fit...
  16. hey hey, i like ragging on peter stevens as much as the next guy.... but lets not bring all the stores down, just the city workshop (maybe one or two others) will work:p keep in mind all the stores are pretty independently operated