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Anyone looking for a Uni course

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hopefully this won't be construed by the mods as "spam" - although this is somewhat self-indulgent as the more students the Uni gets the greater my chances of continued employment ;)

    Basically Ballarat Uni has finally re-opened their course in Metallurgy - although now it's focused solely on the mineral processing aspect (so doesn't cover casting/forging/alloying type stuff it used to).
    Full info here:

    So yes it's basically a mining related course although most metallurgists are effectively just managers with technical knowledge - although some work in sales, or in labs or with financial consultants advising on which mines to invest in etc. It's the sort of thing that might suit someone with an interest in machinery and/or wants to study science but doesn't want something that's ultra-precise (when you're dealing in tonnes/hour near enough is usually good enough ;).

    One definate advantage is that metallurgists are in extremely high demand at the moment, both here and overseas. And there's very few courses/graduates available. This means employment is pretty much a definate and even graduate wages are extremely high. And of course the advantage to studying in Ballarat instead of say Melbourne is that accomodation here is MUCH cheaper - and for those in the Western suburbs it's not that far to commute. And don't forget this isn't just for kids just leaving Year 12 - the Uni's getting a lot of mature age applicants in Geology and Mining Engineering at the moment due to the lure of huge wages so for those that have though about going back to Uni to do "something" this might be worth a look. Okay end of sales pitch :LOL:, hopefully someone finds this useful :).
  2. How "huge" are the wages :p
  3. Sorry dude.

    3 years at school again! Scratch my eyes out with a screwdriver, put a drill in my ears and wrap a choker chain around my nu#s. You still wouldn't get me back at school for 3yrs.

    :) :oops:
  4. Average for someone straight out of Uni I think is around 50-60k a year, though I've seen offers in excess of 80 (edit: just saw one job ad offering 95 for a graduate :shock:). With a few years experience wages tend to be around 120-150k a year - but can easily go higher if you develop a particular expertise in a certain area. Of course the highest wages are in remote locations. But many of these are fly-in/fly-out operations where you spend say 2 weeks working on site then fly back to a city (often Perth) for a week off. So you're effectively only working 2/3s of the year ;).