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Anyone looking for a spare bike?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by djc, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Bit expensive for my tastes but hey its a one off and you can ride it up and down Norton street (Lygon street for you Melbournians) to your hearts content knowing no one else will have one

    Decent set of pics as well

  2. looks like they cut the rear end off a cbr250 and joined it up with the front end of a mid 90"s gsxr 750, painted it red and and had a Ferrari sticker kit made up for it :shock: :LOL:
  3. Hmmmm.

    18k for my MT-01. Check.

    10k for 240 singlesided swingarm/wheel/tyre custom upgrade for said MT-01. Check.

    24k+ for a Can Am Spider for the missus(she's not too good with the "lean to turn" philosophy of two wheels). Check.

    80k(approx) for the new VE Clubsport Stationwagon. Check.

    325 - 375k for a one of a kind MC i'd be too paranoid to keep in my garage, let alone ride the d@mn thing anywhere. Pass.

    Sorry, not a Ferrari fan to start with. A tad fugly for my liking, but i'm sure there's some fan's out there drooling as I type.
  4. looks like a heap of shit and i'm Italian ffs!
  5. Whoever spends that sorta money on that bike is nuts.

    Its not even built by ferrari.
  6. just imagine pulling up for an expresso on lygon or chappel st though?

    still probably get more action on a harley or 1098 though....unless you want action from old italian blokes
  7. OMG that thing is ugly, you couldn't pay me to ride that thing i dont care how rare or expensive it is.

    You know who will buy this bike, prob Jay Leno. More money than brains. He's a cool dude but and has some good taste.