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anyone living near stradbroke island can view a bike for me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WeeBubba, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. look, this request may be downright cheeky (it probably is), but i thought i would throw it out there anyways

    ive seen a bike that i really like the look of on bikesales.com. unfortunately i live in sydney and this bike is located just outside of stradbroke island. if anybody from this forum lives near there i was wondering if they would consider stopping in and taking a look for me. please PM me if you are so kind as to consider helping with this. thanks.
  2. Can you be more specific on the location. Is it actually on Stradbroke island or is it one of the islands near Stradbroke. The barge to straddie costs about $42 return for a motorbike, so if its on the island best trying to locate someone there otherwise you could ask the current owner to bring the bike to the mainland for viewing next time he heads over.
  3. yeah sure, sorry, its in bahrs scrub
  4. Whoa man, thats miles from straddy! Suggest you change the title of your post to say 'near Yatala'!

    I would offer, but would not be able to do it for a few weeks, which might be too late.
  5. lol ok there is the pommy in me shit geographics forgets how huge this country is. how do i change thread title
  6. Re: anyone living near yatala can view a bike for me?

    No Idea, maybe you can edit your original post?
  7. Hey WB, I have just had another guy from OSB organise a friend to do the same thing for me with I bike I wanted in Tasmania (which I ended up buying last week).

    So Id be happy to do the same for you but have to caveat with the below. I have only been riding for 5 months and am still on my LAMS. So my experience with bikes isnt huge and unless its a LAMS bike the best I can prob do is maybe start it up and sit on it for ya.

    At this stage I am free this Sat (I live in Brissy) so could go check it out then.

    Let me know mate.
  8. hi mate thanks VERY much for the offer. i got the seller to post some close up shots of the bike and sadly i have decided to withdraw my interest

    but thanks anyway mate
  9. No problemo mate, good luck with the purchase :)