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Anyone live near me?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by patske, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Hey guys Im in gladesville in sydney, near the boronia park side of gladesville, just wondering if any riders live around here. I'm new to riding and am looking for some people to ride round with and teach me a few things once I get confident enough to go out on the open roads.

  2. also any riders in croydon melbourne next week or after i'll need some tips :)
  3. hmmm. not sure pat. i think most of the sydney people on this forum are from the northside or the west. i'm in randwick which i figure is probably closer than all of those, but i still go to school :D :p :oops: :( i might be able to come for a ride sometime. post it up or pm me sometime and ill see. i'm guessing afternoons aren't so good cause the roads are way busy then. have fun riding anyway!
  4. I live in Donvale, not too far from Croydon, but ..... not sure could help you on some tips for riding or not. I am new to motorbike, used to ride scooter for a year.

    You can PM me if you want to.

  5. Mate i'm not too far away over at Willoughby, next to Chatswood. I'll PM you my mobile, so give me a ring to tee up a time for a ride.

    BTW I don't finish work until 6pm but I do have every second Monday off.
  6. thanks for that guys, I'll take you up on the offer orcus, I work pretty late aswell and Uni aswell but I'm sure I can organise a monday somwhere, where we can have a fang.
  7. I cruse through gladesville every morning fighting with bimbos in the bus lanes. Happy to stop by in the evening or keep an eye on the events pages we do wet together occasionally.
  8. hey,
    im new to all this aswell.. i just got my first bike 2 weeks ago (zzr250) and also looking for people to ride with... i live in liverpool area NSW
  9. I'm brand new to l plates too guys, sydneys north-west- aka Baulkham Hills area

    We should organise a coffee thing like the guys in melbourne seem to do all the time
  10. That sounds good to me guys, although a bunch of L platers riding together could be potentially hazardous lol, But for sure we should all work something out. I'm up for it as soon as I get my bike going. It's a POS =\
  11. FZR a POS? I assume u mean "piece of sh_t'? I almost bought a fzr but I was too hesitant to part with that much $$ for a first bike so I took a gpx instead... added to which I'm like 5'6" or something and thought it may be a bit heavy for me
  12. I'll be in Sydney mid May, if you guys are going for a cruise, I'll join in :D
  13. It's not too heavy, but it is a POS at the moment for me. I payed 3500 for it, but I don't know how much a full service and carby clean will cost me, I guess that's the price you pay for not having ANY support or encouragement to buy a bike. Sure I did my research through netrider and assorted sources but even with all I did I feel I got screwed at the end of it all. I guess some people are just more lucky in these experiences than others, I probably should have known that I have no luck and that I shouldn't try and do anything on my own.
  14. Hey patske,
    I am sure most of us have been burned some time or another, its part of learning.

    When I got my first bike I let a mechanic relpace the head stem bearings and fork seals twice in 2 services, 3 months apart because I didnt know any better.
    And I would have let the p*&k do it a third time but the shop closed down before the bike needed its next service!

    The next place I took it to was kind enough to let me know I had been screwd.

    Dont let it get you down dude, soon you will have that biatch of a fizzer down between your legs where she belongs, and you'll be riding her like the biatch that she is!!!!! :twisted:

    er.... no offence meant to anybody by that last statement. I got a bit carried away. 8-[
  15. Paulie, I'm in Beecroft, as soon as i get the back tyre fixed we should go for a ride.
  16. Me and - Pete the Freak - live in hornsby area, im available pretty much anyday anytime, pete's got a 9-5, and a ball'n'chain so might be able to sometimes maybe get out :p
  17. Sexiest damn ball & chain there is!!!! 8)
    Ha Ha, can come out anytime so long as SHE gets to come along.
  18. Yeah cool man!

    I work 8am-12noon monday to friday.. the rest of the afternoon I'm SUPPOSED to study... it just doesn't happen though hehehehe, good excuse to work part time though hehe

    I have an exam on friday, so I need to study this week, havent any idea what is in the exam, not that I actually know anythin about the subject anyways but hey.

    If any of you guys wanna go for a somewhat sedate ride (don't forget I only got my L's on wednesday and the bike on friday so I'm still a little shaky and nervy) let us know the day before :D
  19. Paulie, I've had a hankerin' to ride out Windsor/Richmond way for a while now. Just a quiet cruise, sound like the sort fo thing you're interested in?