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Anyone like Rammstein??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. #1 Matt GO!!!!!!!, Aug 31, 2007
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  2. Sonne got me into Rammstein :grin:

    Great song.

    Check out the film clip to Keine Lust - it's piss funny!

    So bummed I've missed these guys live :(
  3. Hahaha your right...in "Keine Lust" they put on a few kilos, its definetly a fat suit or something. lol

    I just watched "Sonne" too, that had a crazy clip, it had Snow white in it??

    And sonne is good too, Its good to find a band where all songs are top quality.
  4. when my neigbours get to me and i am feeling very anti social i set up the bucket sub and tee up a set of ram!!!! screw you fcukers I'm moving I dont care anymore!

    That reminds me i'm going to have to tell the cockroaches that cards on Wednesday's is off... :wink:
  5. Haha i actually do have to move. My mum and dad split up so now I have to go one week with one parent than one week other parent.

    Lol my computer sound system isnt that loud too piss off the neighbours i could try though :LOL:

    Ward 2999 posts !!!!! wowzers make it 3000!!
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    you are too cool

  8. I dont mind them, I remember seeing them at the Sydney BDO, and they put on a pretty spectacular show.

    the dude came out on fire, then there was the whole dildo/bass guitarist/ejaculation thing. all the while to music 99% of the crowd could not understand a word of.
  9. My friend and I were so in to them during the last years of high school, but they've gone down hill since Mutter. I rarely listen to them nowadays, but I still like them. Their music has changed, and maybe I have too. :(
  10. I used to listen to Rammstein years a go. I love Du Hast thats a kick ass song. I was smashed the first time I heard it & it was awesome!!!
  11. just wanted to drop a line here as well since i'm into bands kinda guy.used to listen to them a lot long time ago as well. the best site to check out the bands is i recon www.purevolume.com. i use it all the time when i'm trying to sorta make my mind up if i wanna grab a specific bands cd. good site that is. a bit off topic but lately i'm hooked on the bands like Mammal, 10 Years, The BUtterfly Effect. Check them out they're pretty good.
  12. Yeah, those guys are great, have all of their albums, great driving music. :LOL: :LOL:
    Hey, if you're into this kind of music, may I suggest to give Eisbrecher (Ice Breaker) a try. I think they are actually better/more talented then Rammstein.
    It's hard to find any of their stuff in Aus although they are huge in Europe. There are some great sounds there.
    Ebay is your friend......
  13. I used to listen to them a lot but drifted into other things. Still good for a listen every now and then though.

    They also got me into OOMPH!