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Anyone like Nortons?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. If you do, there's an amazing auction coming up in Antwerp.


    Among others. there's eleven 850 Commandos that have never been removed from their packing cases.


    There's also Triumphs, a Matchless still in its box and some MZ's.

  2. Wonder after all those years if they'll start?
  3. Meh, they'd still leak oil, fail basic electrical reliability standards and shake the stitches out of your shorts. I'll pass, thanks all the same.
  4. No - but then it would only have been a 50/50 chance back then :)
  5. Actually Nortons were quite reliable back then, and went well, nothing like todays machines tho.
  6. Whats it worth to ship one to OZ,
  7. drools..........
  8. wow 21% value added tax on the winning bid plus then a 17 % commission and again 21% value added tax on the commission
  9. Ralph Kramden liked Norton. I suspect Yogi Bear would too.
  10. Not if you ship them out of the country. So I was told when I was looking at getting some stuff out of the UK. Could be wrong.
  11. My eternal gratitude, I might even give you a slab :)

  12. When getting a new commando the correct start up procedure was to pull them apart and put them back together properly. This included setting the iso-elastic correctly.

    Having done that, they were meant to be a good bike.

    With 3 weeks to go on the auctions, I'd say the whole motorcycle world will know about them soon and that means you will need around $20K by the time you get them back to Aus.

    Better off buying an American import for $9k and spending money to rebuild it properly.
  13. Or you can talk to Dave at www.classicride.com.au .. if you ever wanted all the prep done and ready to go!!

    Shit did I just advertise!!
  14. the prices bonnies and a65s are pulling these days amazes me. The nortons were always worth 20-40% more, but not these days.
  15. I'd rather one of the new ones, they're gorgeous

  16. MrsB had a MkIIA 850. It leaked oil, had no brakes to speak of, a headlamp that glowed dark brown and neighbour waking "silencers". It was still possibly the most exciting and grin inducing bike I've ever ridden. Fast enough to surprise an awful lot of younger machinery too.