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Anyone know WTF this is?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Gromit, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. [img:600:406:7e32f6a2eb]http://www.blackheadsmc.com/image/iston/i.jpg[/img:7e32f6a2eb]

    Stylish, no?
  2. Someone with too much time on their hands...
  3. Mate that would be the coolest most original harley/chopper i have seen in years

    Cutting edge tech to single swingarm / single hub front end

    Mate where did you find that one from it is excellent
  4. exceptional, i wonder how it would handle through the "mad mile"
  5. Since posting it I've been busy Googling.

    It's from Finland, and there are more pics (and some of an equally amazing custom) here.

    That guy's got a pretty healthy imagination!
  6. While filming L.W.R.-McGregeor and Boorlap, upon visiting the boys at Westcoast choppers, an idea dawned in Obiwans head. Ewan said to Charlie-"pssst,pssst,hey Charlie :-k I got a great idea for the video, try spiking their beers wiv sum of dat, dat old ancient Mongolian yaks pee and magic mushroom sauteed cow's testicles,that the local witch doctor in the yurt gave us. :grin: it ul be a right laugh n a half" :LOL: ,they will make sumfin right balmy and will look great for the doco

    That contraption is the result of the drug induced vision o splendour. :shock:
  7. It's a time machine gone bust.
  8. Ridden by Bob Geldof.
  9. or willy wonka
  10. hehe cool pics

    all that effort and he still has good old cable ties on the handle bars :D