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Anyone know who got SPLAT custom number plate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cleo, May 24, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone on NR is willing to divulge if SPLAT was their plate? It's something that I've been curious about for ages.... :)

    Furthermore... someone got CYA too... another one of my faves. :LOL:

    Perhaps private plate peeps wanna proudly share what they selected and successfully obtained??

  2. dont know about them, but i know "NOOB" is available, thought that ould be funny for a learner bike.
  3. :LOL:

    yep, funny for everyone else... not for the newbie...
    i'd hate to have that plastered on my arse if I was a learner again... :cool:
  4. i want JIMP
  5. GIMP?
  6. i want HORNY
    if anyone has it or see's it please contact me!
  7. Have considered getting April... then figured people who know nothing about bikes would think I'm a girl (lol) and the other side is it's not worth $400 for a silly plate. Better to spend that on something that makes you go faster... like flame decals!
  8. Dunno who got SPLAT but I saw VTR and SEEYA at 7/11 in Hoppers Sunday morning :cool:
  9. Could also go for APE hehe, though people might get the wrong idea from that too.
  10. I saw a licence plate the other day it was NOOOOO
  11. while we are on the topic of seeing plates; best one i've seen to date;

    postie bike with dog box on the back, in lettering about 1inch high on the dog box was "GOING" and the plate was; POSTL

    Twas awesome I say... took a photo with the phone but can't upload from work.
  12. I saw a number plate last week that made me think Robsalvv for some reason. It was WALACE.... and on a blue Avalon.
  13. It would be funny as to see it on the back one off flux's (or the many other good riders here) bikes...being rounded up mid turn only to then have NOOB flash in front of your face, classic :LOL:
  14. Snap! They rode past me on sunday morning, heading to Willy. :)

    Go Team --> :p
  15. I was going to get slow if my friend would take crash, but they are both taken
  16. On a visit to Adelaide's PS workshop last year to pick up my crashed bike, I saw a Honda CBR1000RR in Repsol paintjob, looking a bit sorry for itself and had "tempaus" plate on the back. Tempting fate a tad too much maybe?
  17. Someone at my work has SAV. On a modified R1. He's selling it too, I think the plates fit the bike, it looks serious :twisted:

  18. im getting toad or toadies anyone got that
    i wonder if i can get asshole that would be good to.
  19. well if the bike was written off & rego cancelled surely that would make the plate available
  20. LMAO still available in NSW :cool: