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Anyone know where to get dreadlocks done in sydney?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Yeah this couldn't be more off-topic ha.

    But i'm lookin for somewhere to destroy my hair when i finish school just to show that i learn't nothing :D :D :D :D :D

    Anyone know a place?
  2. Well, you've got nothing left to prove on here :LOL:
  3. The question I should ask is why ??
  4. Forgive more using an old cliche but...

    Why not?

    Might as well have dreadlocks at some stage in my life!!!
  5. Exactly. They aren't going to be there forever unless you find you like them, so either way you haven't really lost anything. Styles and fashions change and if you're young enough to try things and have fun along the way then go for it. As to where in Sydney? Sorry can't help you.

    Good luck with the search. :grin:
  6. Thanks, yoda :p

    Temporary, when young, fashion is. :D
  7. :oops: :cool: :LOL:

    Strong I am with the Force, but not that strong. :LOL:
  8. can guarentee you will be able to get it done in newtown. wouldnt know exactly where though. you will also pay a premium there. just start asking local hairdressers. or do them yourself.
  9. Just to make sure - have you priced the process yet? To get it done properly costs a LOT of money - like $5-600 initially, then $200ish every couple of months in maintenance. It also takes hours and is quite painful (each tightening is two hours of someone pulling your hair one dred at a time - hard.)

    Or you can go the 'natural' option and deal with the smell and spiders nesting in your hair...

    I got mine done in Melbourne before I moved to Sydney. The two places I tried in Newtown (one on King St near the station that moves every few months, the other down Enmore Rd opposit the Enmore Theatre) weren't patch on the guy on Sydney Rd in Brunswick, but don't know how they compare to anywhere else up here...
  10. Anyone got experience on the dreads/helmet combination, both in terms of comfort and how the dreads end up looking? 'S part of why I go the crewcut at the moment: no helmet hair!
  11. I thought to get dredlocks you just don't wash your hair for like 20 years.

    My mate had DIY dreadlocks when he was at highschool.

    I'm with bravus though - how would dreadlocks hold up under a helmet?
    My fav motorcycle haircut is modelled here by chuck - zero maintenance and the chicks love it.
    (although it does look a little like a merkin...)

  12. dude, as long as you have dark hair !
    dreds on people with fair-blonde hair look mega-feral !! . . . like more feral than MP Belinda Neale standing next to that kid from MadMax 3 !
  13. I prefer the even lower maintainence model... This haircut is also proven to "beat" the above model! :LOL:


    Not sure if the cut comes with the epic chain though :shock:
  14. Theres a few ways to do dreads and im more inclined to just pay someone to do the work for me.

    Im sure newtown would do it for me, but i hate feeling so mainstream (i used to be alternative, but now i've grown up and am 'cool').

    Maybe i'll just rope my friends into hacking into them for me.

    Or just shave it all off for the helmet advantages.
  15. Just ask Kishy, he is the resident Dreadman on here :LOL:
  16. The never wash method is just wrong. The smell gets pretty manky pretty quickly, and I've heard stories of people finding some pretty worrying crap in them.

    Getting them done properly involves seperating, teasing, back-combing, rolling, perming and then waxing. They need to be kept waxed regularly to keep them tight and reduce fly-aways. Long and pretty painful process.

    No real issue with the helmet, except that it gets a bit waxy after a while - not a problem when there's always wax in your hair anyway. It does create a bit of extra bulk, so fitment is slightly tighter, but never enough to worry me. The main issue I had was that they get a bit itchy rubbing on the back of your neck, but just a minor annoyance.
  17. Christ, what's wrong with you kids these days? :LOL:

    You don't get dreads done. They do themselves. You still wash and keep clean, just don't brush your hair. Scrunch it up yourself, do a little back-combing to get started and let time do the rest.
  18. I'm with Al.
    You don't buy dreads, you grow/earn them.
  19. Back in the day this was the case. The dreads that form are really uneven and look rank - just google "neglect method" for more and you'll see what i mean.

    If you want to look half-respectable you have to get them done properly!! And in todays world that means paying some girl with a tafe degree to do it for you :grin: :grin: :grin:
  20. Isn't the whole point of dreads to NOT look respectable FFS!?