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anyone know where to get a rear master cyl sleeved?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by FT500, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. My Rear Master is leaking, I want to get it resleeeved (can't get a new one)

    anyone know anywhere / recommend anywhere, prefer to be in melbourne but can always express post it.

    Its the last thing i need before tyres to get my FT500 registered :(


  2. Get an overhaul kit for it, they should exist, I recently did my front m/c, easy job, half hour at most.

    You get a new piston, seals, springs clips, etc, should fix the leak unless the cyclinder itself is compromised.

    I got the parts from Wemoto but you should be able to get them locally for more $$$$.
  3. Are you sure it needs it? It's more likely to be aged rubber components rather than a scored cylinder in my experience? I'd be doing as the others have suggested and putting a kit through it. You can give the cylinder a light hone if you thing it needs it, but usually the kits are enough to return it to a fluid-tight condition.

  4. Tried the kit route, no good... Will try the hone next.... Ordered a new hone, on backorder :(
  5. pulled it down last night, realised.. The kit i got was missing a rubber. oops. Put a new one in on the piston and it seals now, 8-[

    all back together and no pedal yet. Will need to give it a good bleed as the system is 'dry'

    also got a few other things done so nearly got it on the road =D>

    Thanks for the advice people