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Anyone know where to find some draggin jeans for gals in SA?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by JuzJulz, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody, (Hi Dr. Nick!)

    I'm looking into buying some pants and want to try the different styles of Draggin's I've heard about! Can I find them in all the bike stores in SA or is there a warehouse I have to go to???

    I just got my L's and need all the protection I can get... Somehow I don't think my jeans are going to prevent gravel rash. Yauweee!!!

    Cheers big ears :cool:
  2. Hey Joolz, something else to think about:

    Faye (Realm) has got a big zip added to the waistline of her draggins and the back of her jacket, probably just done by a local tailor. It didn't cost much, and it prevents your jacket from riding up and exposing skin if you go for a slide on your back.

    It's also 100% effective at eliminating plumber's crack, folds for easy storage and comes with a free set of steak knives.
  3. I'll definitely keep that in mind Lozster

    :grin: sounds like a great idea in theory... I don't think my crack is a bad as a plumbers' tho ( no offence to all the plumbers out there)!!!
  4. Mandy at Boltons said she had ladies Draggins

    btw, find me a plumber and I'll do some 'crack' comparison testing for 'the boys'
  5. Pert and attractive though your bum may be, there remains one simple rule:

  6. HI Juwants2ride;)
    Go to Walden Millar on Unley Rd they stock the Hornee Jeans, my wife tried all the Draggin jeans and didnt like the fit/style, went and tried the Hornee jeans and loves them, they have all the Kevlar but look alot more stylish
  7. We South Aussies and a few of the victorians know "BITE ME" patches suit any type of jeans, "REAL FINE" as well :grin:

    Only if you want a set like Eswens :cool:

    Walden Millar on Unley Rd, do they have a good range of jeans for guys as well, might look at investing in a pair when i am out of the plaster and on my new bike.
  8. Hey Juwants2 -

    I just want to say that anyone who opens a post with the "Hi Dr. Nick" quip has big instant cred with me. And the icing on the cake is the DX100.

    I had a mint DX during a "between bikes" period - I stole it from my wife under the "If you're not using it, I will!" rule.

    With a bit of tinkering I saw nearly 110kph out of the old girl...and I weighed almost 90 kilos at the time!

    Go the DX!

  9. And there is AmbiRider gear at Walden Miller too
  10. Draggin jeans- Ugly
    Hornee or Shift - Nice!
  11. fisrtly... HI JOOLZ!!!!!! (this is Tash)
    second, if I were you I'd go to Walden Miller & get Hornee jeans.
    Yeah I know it's a bit of a ride from where we live, but think of it as a nice first ride out!!
    But the Hornee jeans look HEAPS better than my crusty draggins. Draggins are good if you're a bloke & want the cargo look. but if I knew about hornee jeans I would have gotten them instead of the draggins. they just look better!
  12. Yep Hornee have Guys jeans as well I got a pair and I like them, my wife just put another pair on layby
  13. Thankyou KevS,

    I will have to see if Jules and anyone else wanting to invest in some hornee jeans would like to go at the same time. Perhaps they might be swayed into discounting Netrider members 10% if we all go there in the future
  14. They actually gave us a discount of about 10% but we got two pairs, they arn't exactly cheap just over $200.00 but they are alot nicer than the Draggin's
  15. I got my men's Hornee jeans from Walden Miller.. great stuff.

    The lady who served me was really nice as well so I definately recommend them.
  16. hey jules!!

    its Craig :p

    yeah i wouldnt mind some hornee/draggins, as i usually just ride in normal jeans. but would love to step up the protection.

    id def be keen for a group ride/buy trip if it was arranged and i could make it.

    see ya tonight?
  17. If you're an MRASA member they're 10% off anyway: