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Anyone know where the speed cameras are?(melb)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. I am wondering if theres anyway we can find out where the speed cameras are. This is just out of my curiousity not that I want to be speeding around where there's no speed cameras.

  2. There was a thread just the other week on it (use search) or you can download the approved mobile locations list and permanent locations list form the Dept of Justice website.
  3. when you find it post here :)
  4. Well most of the cameras now are also time delayed as well. So if you get from one to another to quick it gets you as well. There is a post in here that has all the locations. But remember they are also time delayed..
  5. I have the list as well at work so if you can't Woodsy PM with email and i'll send it
  6. I thought there was only one in Victoria. have they introduced more?
  7. Western ring rd, hume hwy both directions. And i am not sure about the princess freeway to geelong, but quite possibly could be as well..
  8. The only active "average speed" cameras are the ones on the Hume Hwy that were turned on just before Easter. I was under the impression that Western Fwy was on the spot cameras. Geelong Hwy are definitely on the spot cameras.
  9. geelong to melb freeway are definitly on the spot.

    from werribbe to geelong, there are 2 cameras, 4 bridges. the cameras are located every 2nd bridge. and are forward facing (get you from the front)

    from werribee to melbourne there are 3 cameras. one at forsyth road bridge in w'bee, one just after the ring road exit, and one on the W'gate bridge.

    on the way home its W'gate bridge, road sign at williamstown exit and forsyth road bridge. they all get you from behind.
  10. Ah,can't say I knew about the williamstown exit (is it williamstown rd exit or something else just to clarify this TIRED mind of mine. I'm off to sleep now! Hope you didn't find out the hard way about the back plate cameras mate?
  11. I noticed camera brackets have been installed at the English St (Essendon Airport) Exit off the Tullamarine freeway as well recently so the actual camera will follow shortly no doubt.