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Anyone know what this is?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by KumuduG, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys. I was removing the air box of my MT-09 and saw this in the wiring loop. It looks like an insulation to a wire end but I'm just curious. Anyone know what this is specifically or is just an insulation.

  2. CIA surveillance transmitter.

    You are in deep shit.
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  3. It's a thermometer the manufacturer left in by mistake....
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  4. yeah
    looks like some thing
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  5. best rip it out
  6. encapsulated junction discombobulator

    basically, Yamaha gingerbeers accidentally left the wires in the loom during design...
    "what do we do with the extra wires?? too expensive to redesign the loom now"
    "ahh fuggit, just join them together, no-one will ever know"
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  7. He he. Thanks oldcorollasoldcorollas. I had a feeling you would know what this is. Thanks for sharing your knowledge
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    there7s a couple of big junctions on the diagram near middle, one with 2 R/B in and 3 out, then a different one with 6 R/Bl wires..
    but yours looks like 2 R/W, 1 R/Bl, and maybe another couple? so doesn7t match this diagram exatly

    as opposed to the mini-condom at 18, which we'd have to assume is to stop it impregnating other bikes with awesome :p
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  9. crimp, zap and seal in the cheapest possible OEM way but still be reliable :p but actually pretty neat

    like this, but not using an extra metal crimp collar
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  10. might have to get me some of those
  11. Wiring looms often contain redundant doohickeys when the same loom gets used for overseas models or different specs of the same model. It's often cheaper for the manufacturer to put the required wires and connectors in, rather than make, stock, distribute and fit two (or more) different looms.

    Of course, once upon a time, it was also possible to run across other situations. A mate, long ago, had a 1970s T140 Bonnie on which not one piece of electrical gear was what the manual said it should be, because, when it was made, Triumph were buying in parts on a "Who'll give us credit today" basis and modifying the looms, by hand, to suit :-O.
  12. tbf this is not an extra or redundant bit, but current state of art of multiple wire junction in an exposed automotive loom.

    no longer do they do like below, and join halfway along the wire.... (this is an old factory automotive connection!)

    nowadays they have individual wires up to the junction - no need to strip insulation mid wire
    closed end junction also means no stress mid-wire, and having all the wires run a few inches along another loom means there is no direct stress on the junction itself. can tolerate movement.
    the junction is both sealed and (hopefully) pointing up, meaning water doesn't pool in the connector, so less issue with corrosion even if there is a bit too much insulation stripped off one wire..

    basically a little junction condom, to stop the wires getting their ends wet :p

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  13. Flux capacitor of course!

    As long as you don't go over $1.40 (88MPH) its a non issue!
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  14. My DL650 has a couple of these, was wondering what they were, thanks oldcorollas.