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Anyone know what bike this is?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KING-O, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Came across a bike whilst watching a YouTube and would like to know more about the bike but I am not sure what it is :/
    Anyone know the name of the bike?

  2. Fred?
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  3. Clementine?
  4. Spam-bot

    I'm sure of it
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  5. Whoops forgot the video -_-
    Its at about 2:24 in the video bike with white fuel tank :)
  6. well it's got a tuning fork and an XS... but looks to have been hipstered :(


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  7. I now feel slightly nauseous.
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  8. Yeah it's a modified XS-1100 Yamaha
  9. Gents - OP has 2 posts and has already clickbaited......

    Poor form.
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  10. I think thats conning you to look at some site that gets cash for the number of hits it gets. I wouldn't have minded if I could stand the mindless chatter the blogger pumped out.
  11. ohhh... I didn't listen to any of the mind-numbing twaddle..

    but vids are from US, OP is (posing as) youngster from SA.... meh
  12. The dude shows up and posts an external link to some such and people follow. (baaaaaaaaa)

    It's a misdirection/indexing technique to help SEO and organic search.

    In short - the more people follow, the more skewed the result.
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  13. or could be a 20Y.O from Adelaide with a lumberjack shirt and a penchant for low comfort motorcycle seats?

    not that there's anything wrong with that :p
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  14. Touche.

    Although - I place Hipsters in the same boat.

    Fark - Am I becoming older, more disillusioned and more grumpy all of a sudden..........
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  15. Ahh some company at last :)
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  16. Maybe you have a case of Suzuki rider? Was there one in your past?
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  17. Ha! Actually no.
    The only Japanese brand I haven't owned.