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Anyone know this likely lad??

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hornet, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. #1 hornet, Nov 9, 2006
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  2. Good to see he gets up again :shock:
  3. I believe it's someone from the R1 forum. Not positive though.

    That happened quite some time ago. I believe that he was pretty much unhurt.
  4. There's another Black Spur clip there which is just irresponsible stupidity; a static camera and 5 fools seeing how fast they can ride past it while traffic progresses in either direction. I'll bet the Vic Police are loving it :roll:
  5. Yeah, he looked to be getting up when the cameraman stopped filming.

    {nice recovery, Stew :wink:}
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    5SCpQysW-7s[/media]]This one?

    Looks like typical sort of sporty riding on the spur.

    How so? At that particular corner you can be dragging your knee at well under the speed limit. Unless of course you're saying that hanging off and putting one's knee down is dangerous behavior even though you're further away from the edges of the tyres when you do so...
  7. Speed relative to the rest of the road users, Stew.....
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  9. He looked fine but GEEZ that way way too quick! Impressive that the bike held on for as long as it did at MotoGP spec lean :)
  10. Hmmm, I'll bite, but only because I'm just as guilty of doing the same sort of thing.

    If I round some corner at 85-90kph in a 100kph zone, and in complete control of my bike, then what's the problem if some oncoming traffic chooses to take said corner at 50kph coming the other way in another lane?

    I'm not sure I understand the point you're making and I'm hoping you can clarify it for me. Should I instead be riding some road only as quickly as the oncoming traffic is travelling?

    (note that my argument doesn't apply to the opening post video)
  11. The second clip looked safe enough to me Hornet. That didn't look that quick, and except for one guy who obviously doesn't know that dead centre is a good place for oil on the road, it all seems like good clean fun to me.......
  12. It honestly didn't look excessivly fast to me... and I'm a middle aged guy on a Bandit.

    Each to thier own I geuss....
  13. The clip of the guy on the 250 is a different ballgame. He overtakes on blind bends, on the wrong side of a solid white line several times. Well that's ok until you meet somebody riding just like you coming the other way, then its tears and tantrums.
  14. Well the 250 dude is not goin that quick just doin stupid shit overtaking a line of cars with such a limited power pack between his legs :shock: not a lot of room for a screw up.plus hes probably a young buck yet to hit a car so its all in the learning :cool: Maybe next time he doea a vidio hope he tries st andrew kinglake road :shock:
  15. I dunno - I reckon one of those guys in the second vid had his head over the centre line...

    :p :LOL:
  16. :oops: Not going to let it go, are you? I admit to being a deliberate arse in that thread.

    There was really only one corner on which the CBR rider overtaking was questionable. Even with my clear camera shots it still doesn't show anything like as much as the rider can see with the higher view-point, as well as the ability of the rider to look through the foliage to see if anything's oncoming. The problematic left-hander was a little bit questionable, but it was open enough in terms of sight-lines from the height of the rider to brake and pull back in behind any car in time. Just because the camera can't see through some car doesn't mean that the rider isn't able to see over the car.

    As for the CBR's speed through the "boxes", being the series of 10 x 45kph posted left-right corners, starting from time 2:44 in the CBR video, and ending at time 3:52, believe me, that's a damn respectable pace to do that series of corners in.

    I don't know the guy, but I just happened to be sitting on the side of the road that day as he went by, and he certainly wasn't ambling along.
  17. A couple of them looked a tad too quick, they all wanted to hug the centre line, but none looked dangerous.
  18. Clearer version of the opening post video can be found here, and even clearer again if you download it

    Seriously, I don't know why people use Youtube, the video compression quality is just terrible. Google Videos is so much clearer, and you can even download higher quality versions of the videos.
  19. Nah, just stirring! :LOL:

    Having seen you ride, you're WAY out of my league!
  20. In the second vid there is a bike scraping something..as you can see the sparks. That's not wise.
    IMHO In the first vid the road position is all wrong, (and are way to thin in the corners), just a little better in the second.