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Anyone know the fine!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cider, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Hi guys

    Anyone know what the fine is for riding a bike larger the 250 cc when you are on the 12 month probationary restriction in Victoria.

    I have heard that it is $50 with no demerit points

    If that is the case then bring on the new bike!!!!!! wooo hooo

    Look forward to any insite you can provide


  2. Cider,

    Dunno what the fine is, but riding unlicensed (uninsured) aint gonna impress people - as much fun as riding a larger bike might be.

    My 2c.

  3. even so, your new bigger bike cannot be insured as you're riding >260cc bike on restrictions, thus if you rear end a beemer you'll be in huge debt :p

    its up to you mate
    btw i think it is $150 and no demerit points
  4. Do you know how much your insurance company will pay out if you slam it into a $200,000 Merc? :wink:
  5. About the fine ITS ALL FINE TILL YOU FAR** UP :grin:
  6. The fine is much larger than that, although I am not exactly sure what it is. But the fine comes under "Riding without a licence" cos you leagally aren't able to ride that bike.
  7. This is a subject butifully covered in many threads, get going on those search skills and you will find teh same answer time and again.

    No Insurance, and that is likely to cost a lot more than the boys in blue would throw at you.
  8. I'm not even sure if the bike's greenslip cover would count if it was ridden by somebody not legally licensed to ride it.

    The idea of paying somebody's medical bills plus out of work compensation if you were to injure them...no thanks.
  9. My bike is insured under my own name, I have a few months till off full restrictions. They insured my bike with my partner on there too. I was told it was because of my age I was able to have my own insurance so it was covered.

    In most cases its $113 fine and no points but you have to leave your bike where it is.
    I know loads of guys who ride big bike with no insurance cos they cant afford it.
    You are taking a risk so weigh it up first. But again we all take risks as soon as we get out on the road.

    The girl at vic roads told me NO PILLION RIDERS and Enjoy your new bike.
    Thats what im doing...
  10. Stookie is close on the money as far as the fine goes, but one thing to be wary of is that you don't need to be doing anything wrong to have your rego checked by a passing Plod.

    Bloke I know was pulled over on the Monash after Plod did a rego check and found the bike was registered to the holder of a restricted licence ....$110 fine, no points lost, and Plod let him ride it home, but that was over a year ago.

    Your call man ....
  11. don't know what the actual fine is but the personal cost to your physical well-being should be the overriding concern - especially if you high-side on a big engine sportie and end up in traction
  12. Sorry mate, but I think you might wanna check your facts. It's a breach of conditions - been over it many times in many threads.

    It's just a fine, but as many have said, you're riding uninsured. Risky. Not to mention unless you've been riding for a long time, you really DO need to spend the time on your 250.
  13. just stick it out. your not any less/more special than any other rider who has waited untill off restrictions. and echoing many other people, its not worth the risk.

    big bikes are alot different to 250's.
  14. The info Stookie posted is what I was given by a TOG member when he came into work. This info was correct 3 weeks ago (do a search and you'll probably find the countless threads on this topic :wink: ) The fine is actually $118 and no points, but you have to arrange removal of vehicle from where you are fined.
  15. Just think of the reason why they put the restriction.
  16. I think also you get no TAC, or if you do, then you also get the bill to pay it all back... and if your not at fault... all of a sudden you might find that you are... not supposed to be on the bike.. if you were not on the bike, then you would not be there and it would not of happended... of something like that... ish...
    besides in the 250cc... there is almost a bike that will do just about everything you might want to.. pocket rocket... MX road legal wepons, motard, naked... yada..
  17. I did a :google: & found some possibile outcomes:

    Breach conditions of Drivers Licence or Learner Permits $107 fine plus 1 demerit point
    Vehicle power restrictions $322 plus 3 demerit points
    Fail to display L plates when required $113 plus 1.05 demerit points
    Restrictions affecting Learner Drivers $215 plus 2 demerit points

    Plus there is always the possibility the licence / permit can be suspended or cancelled, which makes renewing even more difficult.

    You might want to browse this spreadsheet, effective with VicRoads as of 01.07.2006 (Road Safety Act 1986 & Road Safety Regulations 1999):

    (Mod edit: please people use tinyurl for those really long links so other people's browsing is made more pleasurable)

    Plenty of cash but no cents ?
    Its your choice but is it really worth it ?