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Anyone know of this fatal?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gypsyvtr, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Just heard on news that a P plater rider died when collided with car at Parramatta last night....anyone know anymore details?.
    I kinda have a sickly feeling about this one.
    Condolences to any of you that might of known him/her and to their family.

  2. Man thats like where I live. All I heard was that it was some 23 year old guy. (my old boss rang to make sure it wasn't me)
  3. Condolences again to the family.

    We've had too many depart our company in the last few weeks.

    Flat-mate reckons the manner in which Channel Ten news reported the incident was appalling (sp) ... something akin to dismissing the rider all together but OH! the passengers in the 4WD were okay.
  4. Bloody 4WDs!! Hate 'em with passion!
    The most dangerous species on the road ......They just don't see anything at their own eye level....and if they're especially from Canberra the matter between their ears shuts down , letting the monster drive itself.
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  6. nowhere did it say the driver of the 4wd was at fault ... I'm sorry to hear of another motorcyclists death but lets be honest .. we (being motorcyclists) are in some cases our own worst enemy on the roads..

    besides its an old rant ...
  7. Hi Nobby.

    True....You are very correct there about our own responsibility....I do agree there.

    But still stand by my feelings towards 4WDs... They almost outnumber any other vehicle in ACT. I could tell ya some stories...

    Stay safe everyone.
  8. Oh, and thanks Twainharte for the info...good on ya :)
  9. sad news to hear.. :(

    im just starting riding.. and all i hear of is fatalities.. :shock: :!:
  10. That looks like a decent hit on the 4WD. Hard to say who was at fault, could have been either of them.

    Condolences :(
  11. I'll wager combo of bike speeding + 4WD not looking/misjudging speed & distance.

    While difficult to place blame, overall shittiness = high.
  12. Atlas, don't let these things play on your mind, especially at this stage of your riding. The facts are that everyone falls off at some stage, and the law of averages says that the chances of getting hurt or killed in a motorcycle accident are vastly higher than in a car accident.. BUT knowing this is what makes for a good rider; you can still enjoy ALL that the two-wheeled experience has to offer if your riding is tempered with the wisdom to be careful, and watch out for EVERYTHING going on around you...

    And Nobby is right; we always blame someone else, but we are often contributors to, if not wholly responsible for, the bad things that happen to us on the roads...
  13. Don't concern yourself, there are more pedestrian deaths on the roads in Victoria than motorcyclists, so it's safer than walking! :grin: Just always be careful.
  14. Good points.. thanks guys.. ill just focus on the good points and go from there..

    not to get side tracked to much.. but when riding and scanning roads.. is there like a system or process for scanning? eg 1. look a head 2. scan road for dips, potholes, cracks etc.. 3. check intersections/approaching cars. etc.. like u do all of this in 1sec .. every second.. when riding.? haha sounds like alot compared to driving..
  15. It becomes second nature, just like scanning when your walking or driving, (well some drivers) What works for me, is to not put too much thought into it. As I said this works for me.

    Good luck with it,
  16. i saw a footage on the news. i don't know if it's the crash you are talking about.

    silver 4x4 ran STOP sign. huge dent in drivers side door.

    i was with a friend when i saw it and said "what a shame that rider didn't jump on the foot pegs and go for the driver side window" he would have lived.
  17. in all seriousness.. is that supposed to be the 'strategy' for these thigns? assuming u've enough time to think this. :shock:
  18. That road is one of the worst i have ever seen, i know it well and its just shit work by the council, for the forst half of the road you can just keep right on going and then BAM!!! 3 stop signs in a row, it would be much safer if they just put roundabouts in every intersection there.

    Condoleances and prayers.

  19. Nope, just jump off the bike.