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Anyone know of a really hard drying paint for my forks?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by zzz40l, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Gotta paint the forks on my bike cause the paint is flaking off, anyone know of a paint that dry's really hard, brake paint maybe?


  2. You wont get anything really hard in an aerosol can. Don't use anything that is heat proof, these require heat cycling for them to csure correctly.

    I would suggest an acrylic type aerosol. Acrylic tends to stay pliable to a degree which helps to deflect stones, something hard can be brittle.

    Prep is the key, correct primer will also help bond the material to the substrate. Don't mix brands either.
  3. Cheers mate, might take them off on the weekend :)
  4. ...... and then get some 3m vinyl clear, or similar..... cut into a 2-3" wide strip, and apply down the leading edge of the fork leg,
    stops a lot of minor stone chips...(y)
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  5. You can use something like VHT Wheel paint. I hear they do a good job, as long as the preparations are done well.

    Can do something along the lines of this:

    Sand back the forks with some 400 and 800 grit wet dry till all old paint is gone, clean thoroughly to remove any dirt/grime/etc. Etch primer as first coat, leave to dry completely, sand lightly with some 800 grit, can do another layer of primer, but not really needed if the first coat had a good coverage, clean again, then 1 coat of colour, sand back lightly with 1000 or 1200 grit, then another coat or 2 of colour. Can also put a coat or 2 of clear if you are keen. Mind you, doing it this may take a while especially if it's humid or cold and using spray cans.

    For a good job, be patient...the more you rush, the more chances of having a bad finish. Key is in good preparation :)
  6. Thanks for the help guys, looks like a trip to Autobarn on Sat is in order.
  7. theres a link in the below post to a refurb I did for a friend ZZZ........ get a supply of masking tape, old newspaper, some wet 'n dry, metal etch primer and a couple of cans of acryllic......... and it can be fun


    go to the last page on the linkie.... if you just wanna skip all the dribble, haha
  8. vht is verry good paint , ive baked it on in the oven before lol
  9. ^^^ best way to do it.
    Spray can paint won't ever set as hard as proper sprayed on paint. VHT cured in the oven is the best you can get out of a can. Hard to get the bike in the oven and a long job getting the outers off your bike.
    If you use can vht whateva, but yeah VHT is good. Very carefully hit it with a heat gun. Then use 3m clear plastic sheets. Much easier putting on a new plastic sheet than repainting.
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  10. ive also used bar heaters just dont get it way to hot direct heat can be bad
  11. Id also recco Vht they do a Matte clear, which is pretty mint. GL!
  12. I ended up using VHT wheel paint

  13. Looks sick as, clear em as well?
  14. Certainly did mate ;)