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Anyone know of a good tax agent in eastern 'burbs Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davesta, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, its tax time again..... Yay. Does anyone know of someone good in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne??

  2. yeah.. I have the same question too...
  3. Lyn Knight - Taxlynk - Belgrave South
    Martin Lane - Lane Moller Partners - Croydon
    Gary Andrews - Whiteside Andrews - Ringwood
    John Strachan - John Strachan & Assoc - Lilydale
    Mark Herold - CHN - Ringwood

    All very good accountants, used by my clients, and recommended accordingly - not necessarily the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.

    Depends on what you need an accountant for as well. If its a straight forward PAYG return, then H&R Block are probably the cheapest.

    Good luck people.

  4. I go to Isla Cowley, Main St, Croydon.
    Definately not the cheapest but she is good.
  5. I work for accountants at Johnson Partners Richmond, at least until friday anyway, not cheap, but good.

    I will be moving to WHK Armitage Downie in Lilydale from 31/7

    Im an financial planner, not an accountant though so i can't personnaly help
  6. Or use the ATO online tax return program. I have used this in the past 2 years (as I have a very straight forward return) and refunds have been in my bank within a week.
  7. I used the online tax progam last year but I think I might have screwed it up... I have several jobs and most of them were taxing me alot (becuase they were originally second/third jobs)
    am I better off getting an accountant to do mine or will there not be much difference?
    when should you get someone else to do it?
  8. I'm with Boz...

    If your return is fairly straightforward, turn to e-tax. Whilst I personally don't have to lodge a tax return, my partner, and my parents make me do theirs. As it turned out I ended up saving my partner a heap of money in the long run when I told her to pay out her HECS early. Something her accountant had never told her. Needless to say she no longer uses him!

    Otherwise a close friend that runs a business uses The Field Group, on Maroondah Hwy in Lilydale... its just near the new Mitre 10 Mega.
  9. Yarra Ranges Taxation Service

    Ferntree Gully 9758 8486
    Mt Evelyn 9736 3788

    Always helped me sort out the 'small business' taxes :)
  10. The ATO E-Tax is great. I've used it teh last 3 years. It walks you through every step, and if you come to a section that you may need to claim on or are unsure, it provides a link to the relevant area of the tax rules, so you can decide and go from there. It also tells you how much you can claim in each area without keeping receipts etc.
    I actually found I could claim stuff I haven't been claiming, so I was happy!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. NO,
    i actualy go to one in Adelaide cause i couldnt find one in melb that knew SFA about family invesment/security trusts and investment properties and negative gearing. i'm sure there are some, just i got sick of sorting through the dickheads and the adelaide one was recomended to me.

    Oh and i get to claim the trip to adelaide once a year on tax :)