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Anyone know much about RS232 data??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Im trying to program up my Philips Pronto TSU9600 universal remote control. This remote can talk to RS232 equiped AV gear via a serial cable for increased control.

    My problem is that in the past when ive entered RS232 codes, the equipment manufacturers have usually emailed me the full Hex or ASCII codes for the devices im using. Trying to program in my set top box via rs232, i called the manufactuer and they sent me this.


    I cannot for the life of me work out how to enter the command data into the remote control. I need an IT guru familiar with ASCII to point me in the right direction. I simply dont understand RS232 enough. The remote software asks for either Hex or ASCII commands. Can anyone give me an idea on how to decipher these commands in the link above??

  2. Which commands are you trying to emualate with the 9600 for your set top box?

    I program TSU's on the Gold Coast
  3. Trying to program ANY codes. Never really done much RS232 before so its all new to me. Not sure exactly how to enter the command strings. That pdf file i posted above is all i have.
  4. You'll need some sort of "terminal" software running on the PC enter the ASCII code or hex number and "send" the data to the STB via the RS 232 link cable.
    Win 98 had a prog to send stuff like that I think it was actually called "terminal" don't know about XP.
    OK Just "googled" it and if you look here http://realterm.sourceforge.net/
    it may be of assistance.
    The '98 one was hyperterminal.
    Good luck
  5. Hi BamBam, I think Hyperterminal exists in WinXP as well. Removed from Vista but there is probably an aftermarket terminal program

    In WinXP I think it is in Accessories/Communication, first set up the connection
    Baud Rate, the speed of connection. (9600)
    Partity, a method of error checking (Not Used in this case according to your PDF) (No Parity)
    Data Length (8 Bits)
    Stop Bits (None)
    Flow Control This was a method of slower peripoherals telling the sender to stop for a bit, also known as handshaking. (None in your case)

    Connect your cable, It is probably ?? what is known as a Null Modem cable. There is another type of cable which was a straight thru connection for connecting Modems.

    Then the command structure is from your document:
    <command> <event> <CR>

    So You send a Command Event and a Return directly from your keyboard. e.g

    Power ON <CR>

    Where the <CR> is just the Return key on your keyboard.

    The unit should respond with:


    or perhaps


    Depending on whether the command succeeded or failed.
    Hope that helps, I have done a lot of RS232 stuff over the years so let me know if you have strife.

  6. Mate if it has you stumped, how the hell would i know.. :LOL:
  7. You don't need any type of terminal software, the tsu9600 outputs ascii rs232 via the rfx9600 extender that you will have (?) then you need to add an action to the button on your tsu for a serial device and add the ascii code "power on \r" for power on command etc. The \r is the carriage return for the 9600.

    email me at stephen at scsautomation dot com dot au if you need any further help.

    How much work have you done on the 9600 remote?
  8. I can't wait for the next episode of this serial :).
  9. Your bored?
  10. It is spelled "baud".
  11. :rofl:

    Post of the week!!!!!