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Anyone know how George is???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ohmigosh, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. His last post was ...

    (Photo is gone from the linked location)

    The photo was at night of a bike leaking oil lying on it side - Mobile camera photo and blurry.

    Anyone have any news?
  2. did u try and PM him?
  3. if you know him well enough to know his real name ..... ?
  4. its George
  5. No activity on his account since 5/6/10.

  6. duh, I know that, I was suggesting that if the OP knows the person's real name, as opposed to his username, then he/she probably should know how to contact him...
  7. Yep Goz I PM'd him.

    But as for other ways to contact him... Nope.

    He was a regular at the Homebush practise sessions which is where I know him from. No other contact details. I was hoping someone else might have a way of getting hold of him and seeing how he is.
  8. We exchanged a few PM's after the crash, but no response to the last few messages.
  9. the fact that he was able to post about the crash suggests he is ok. I don't know the guy personally but he doesn't post that often.
  10. Hi! I figured I'd answers the concerns and PMs in this thread since I think it's referring to me. o_O

    I'm alright, I had final assessments and final exams straight after my accident so I haven't had time to rest. Anyway I'm okay, knee and finger is still swollen. I can't seem to straighten out one of my fingers but I'm hoping that'll be okay once the bulge in the joint goes away. I hope.....

    As for my bike, it looked bad but it was all superficial damage. I've been pondering for a while to continue riding, the decision I've made... I'll continue riding. =D Bike will be ready for me Friday or Monday.

    Some photos I managed to take are in the following album:
  11. Good to hear you've decided to 'stay on the horse' but not such good news about your finger; make sure you keep your medical people on top of that, so to speak.
  12. Glad to hear you are OK mate - As Hornet says keep on top of your finger problem as it is hard to pick your nose with a bent finger :)
  13. I'll keep the nose picking issue in mind and have my finger checked out soon.

    Thanks for the email and concern Pete.
  14. Yeah, good point PAUL, just like I have your mobile phone number, huh? :LOL:
  15. so how did it happen George?
  16. George,

    good to hear you are ok mate as we have been wondering what happened and how you have been.

    So bike was all faring issues and a bent handle bar?

    Cheers Paul.
  17. Well, that's not pretty. Glad to hear they're fixing it and in the process of fixing you. As a recent member of the "Training Wheels Club" I share your pain.
  18. Thanks for the concerns again.

    So how did it happen... I actually can't remember, I have no memory of having the accident only being on the ground and waking up from a black out. Knock on the helmet gave me a concussion.

    So the flow of traffic was like this
    [My bike] -> [4WD] -> [Taxi] -----> Epping Rd. (Westward)

    According to a witness, he saw the taxi suddenly stop. This caused the 4WD to have to emergency brake and I ran into the back of the 4WD.

    What can I remember? Crossing the traffic lights at The Ranch at 75km/h with the standard 3 sec gap and waking up on the road in front of the 4WD.

    No one got the taxi's number plate (taxi just drove off), surprisingly my bike caused no damage to the 4WD... that's weird.

    Anyway that's about the gist of it.
  19. Not good mate. Can't imgine what it's like to have a gap in your memory. (Can't remember the last time it happened to me :rofl:) Take it easy when you get your bike back in the next few days. :)
  20. bloody hell george, guess 3 second gap wasnt enough