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anyone know anything about HISS?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dags260, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. does anyone know anything about Honda Ignition Security System? what i particularly need to know is...is the key matched to the antenna? ive read the dealers manual on HISS and it looks like all the antenna does is send out a pulse asking the key what its code is, therefore the key is matched to the ECU. anyone done anything like this or have any ideas

  2. Code:
    HISS prevents the engine from being started by any other than the motorcycle's two original keys. The key contains a special coded chip transponder which identifies itself to the motorcycle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) as an ‘official’ key.
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  3. This question comes up all the time.

    I'm going to look into the crystal ball and say "you have bought a bike from the auctions with no keys". If this is the case there no chance of disarming HISS and you will need a new ECU.

    If you have one key that starts the bike you can make a copy of that key but you are only allowed 4 keys max. If you try to program a fith key it removes one of the other keys from the bikes memory.

    Only Honda dealers can program keys. They have the required special tool to put the bike in to program mode.

    Did that make scence?
  4. close pete but not quite. i have a 2000 cbr 929 and the antenna (piece around the ignition barrel) is broken. long story dont ask. im not sure whether to buy a 2nd hand one or bite the bullet and go new.
  5. if the piece you're talking about is just an antenna... then you could just replace it. that's assuming of course that it really is just an antenna
  6. thats what honda call it. I just want to be sure before i do my dough on a piece that wont fix my problem
  7. If it was any more than just an antenna would it not be easy for a thief to replace the unit as it is easily accessible.

    I'd reckon you would be safe replacing it.
  8. Correct. You will be fine just replacing the antenna, if that is all your problem is. It's just some wire wrapped around the key barrell to get the code from the key to the ECU.
  9. Honda replacement price for the ignition system should the tow truck driver loose your key is $2500 plus instal.
  10. The antener is replacable and not coded to anything its just taking the signal to the ECU.

    $130 from your local honda dealer.