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Anyone know about enlarging and printing digital photos?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wallsy, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. After countless digi photos I reckon i've got 2 or 3 worthy of looking at more than once, and maybe even blowing up and sticking on the wall.

    Anyone know much about it? Where's a good place to go? Cost of enlarging and printing? Good size before quality is lost? etc...

    Cheers :)
  2. What sort of camera?
    What size are your photos in terms of file size pixels etc?
    Need more info.
    As for printing there are many photo places that will print digital, all you do is put the file on a usb or whatever medium you want to use and take it there.
    Remember small files will not enlarge too well without excess noise or "jaggies"
    So again, what file size pixel density etc are you using?
  3. 9

    Camera is EOS 450D, images 4272 x 2848

  4. at that size you can print a ~36cm photo at 300dpi, which is pretty good quality.

    or ~72cm. at 150dpi depending on the printer style you can get away with a 150dpi print pretty happily though 300dpi or higher is always recommended by the print guys.

    72cm is not quite, but approaching A1

    EDIT: who needs punctuation anyway?
  5. What Russ said.
    Also some of the places you take the files to will interpolate them and they will easily print up rather large without much issue.
    Ted's do a good enlargement service and will also print very large panoramas, just be prepared to pay for it.
  6. Not a rubbish camera...

    My experience with ANY of the walk in/out print places is that they are all rubbish. We had a professional photographer take some family photos which I corrected (the work I do is colour critical and calibrated accordingly) and when printed at one of the quick stop places everyone looked like they had a blood disorder.

    I ended up being referred by a colleague to:

    C.P.L. Services Pty Ltd
    11- 15 Wellington St
    St Kilda
    VIC, 3182


    The catch is that you really need to do all the setup yourself or it becomes frightfully expensive. Their largest Pegasus prints are 20" x 32", but if you can assemble a press ready file to those dimensions they are $33.00 each. You can then cut up to suit.

    The Pegasus print colour is amazing provided you know what you are doing with file setup - and that size can make a couple of largish prints or small posters.
  7. I print almost everything myself, when i need to print, i usually go to bond colour. that is in Melb though

    in sydnet, try pixel perfect. I know many people who use them.

    You will be able to print up to A1 with no problem with that resolution. but generally I recommend a a4 print, matted with a cut window on 16"x20" board and then put in a frame. much better presentation. thats how i do my exhibition pieces.
  8. Tip if you intend to put in a glass frame,
    Do your print in matte not gloss, use a matte board & if possible go non reflective glass. Don't think you have a choice if its off the shelf frames.
  9. Thanks for the replies, some good advice there.

    The CPL digital looks pretty good but i'm not smart enough to prep the images how they need them. :shock:

    I ended up riding the pushy into town and using Teds who I saw on the website are currently doing a two for one. Two 50cm x 75xm (~ 20" x 32") for $60, and happy with the results. The deal is apparently available 'til the end of the catalogue which is 12/01 if anyone's interested.

    Now just gotta find frames! :LOL:
  10. Funny you should ask, I got this e-mail this morning that gave some very good advice on EXACTLY that topic! I'll just see if I can...

    Oh. You said enlarging PHOTO'S...

    Ahh. That's awkward.

    Never mind.