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VIC Anyone Know About Claiming With Tac? {moved From General}

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Aly, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Is it possible to claim with TAC 6 months after an accident if you went to the doctors at the time of the accident?

  2. http://www.tac.vic.gov.au/jsp/conte...0000100EE8874F5B9EBD3&navLink=null&pageID=553

    I think yes
    Actually you have 2 years
    The TAC pays for support services by electronic funds transfer. It is important that you provide your bank account details to enable prompt payment.
    If your service provider bills the TAC directly, you do not need to complete an expenses claim form.
    Please note, you have two years from the date you received a service or treatment to claim payment from the TAC.
  3. Thank you. I should have been able to do that myself. Think my brain is fuzzy.

    next question then..... does anyone know if they pay out for chiropractors since I cant ring until Monday to find out?
  4. Yes, provided that the chiropractor is referred by the gp handling your tac claim. The Chiro has to be registered with TAC as a participating provider.

    Also, ditch the chiro and see an osteopath instead. Far far better practitioners ;)
  5. how the fcuk are you finding this smee...I actually did try looking :(

    Thanks Doug. I've gone to the chiro before going back to the doctor so that might put a spanner in it a bit. I find it so hard to leave relationship so I might be stuck with the chiro but I'll look into the osteo.
  6. What area are you based in?
  7. Eltham (north east) but I'm getting treated in Glen Waverley so travel really isn't an issue
  8. Ok. The guy I've used in the past is at Yarraville Osteopathy named Jim Pattinson. He's a gun. Any injury I've had in the past has needed no more than two visits to fix.

    Anyway, best of luck with it all.
  9. in google I type TAC then chiropractor or TAC how long to claim?
    hop that helps.
  10. Thank you. I'll look him up.

    At the moment, I'm meant to go to the chiro twice a week for 4 weeks and I'm looking at 6 months treat. The x-ray scared the crap out of me before he even started talking. My neck looks like its on backwards and then he started listing off compound (or compression cant remember) fractures.

    Thanks again for your help guys.
  11. I think they'll want a police report. They need to establish the injury came from an traffic accident and not something at home. But call them and find out.
  12. correct

    How to make a claim

    1. Report the accident

    • A simple rule: you must report your accident to the police. The TAC cannot accept your claim unless the
    accident has been reported. If you do not report the accident at the time it occurred, you should attend
    your local police station as soon as possible.
  13. I was wondering about how they would prove that. The chiro said the neck is obviously a whiplash injury. The police refused to make a report when I went in to see them on the day.
  14. That's because they're lazy fcuks. They MUST take a report if asked to for a traffic accident. Go back in and speak to the Sergeant in charge and explain what's happened.
  15. +1 on the osteo. There is none here where i live so for the time being im going to 'natural health clinic' plus chiro separately. Doing the job but prefer a one person effort lol. At least then they can supplement their own work/know where they are up to and what specifically might benefit the care.
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  16. Thank you. I did know that but I've already spent $300 so whatever I do It wont take long to get over that.
  17. Best way to do it is with any chiro that allows you to bulk pay a set of payments for a discount - ie i paid $500 for 12 visits, but also swipe my private health card. Makes that $500 extend out to about 25 visits as it only costs about $8 per visit off my credit beyond the private. Might as well make private pay back SOME of the 2100 it costs me a year lol.